Tuesday, August 24, 2010

it's done

the picture does not do it justice.  which is my error. 
"I hate this room," I said to Neil one day.  We were lying on our bed and I was staring at the moss-green walls and lying on our moss-green duvet (an unfortunate coincidence that made me feel like I was floating in a swamp ever since the very first night we moved in to this house and I realized our bedding exactly matched the previous owner's paint job).

"Oh," he said.  "I'm sorry."

"No," I said.  "Like, I really really hate this room.  We've redone every other room in this house, but this room is the reject room.  I hate the wall color, plus the paint is scratched and there are big holes from window treatments the previous people ripped down.  Our bed is sitting on the floor.  The treadmill is the focus of the room, it's always too hot, and our clothes are in plastic bins in the closet because we have no dresser."

"Okay," he said.  "Let's fix it."

o we have.  It's taken a few years, and to be honest with you, it's not completely done.  The finishing touches that really pull it all together--lamps, clocks, artwork, textiles--those may have to wait until we're done with school.

But the ceiling fan he installed last year was a lifesaver during my last summer pregnancy.

The Craigslist dresser has made getting dressed a delight (no more sorting through plastic bins!). 

Even though our repainting job on the walls wasn't quite the blue I anticipated, it's lightyears better than the green swamp.

We finally have the all-white bedding I've been suggesting for the last eight years (and yes, it has stayed remarkably clean).

But.  The biggie.  The beautiful bed that he designed and built himself (using a teeny little hand-held rotary saw)...

Is done.

And it's gorgeous. The pictures really don't do it justice, but the headboard and footboard are both planked, there are multiple levels of trim, and it's just beautiful. 

Here's the Craigslist before on our dresser (there's a matching nightstand too). 
Check out those bows along the top of the mirror.
And the after--new paint and hardware.  Plus I ditched the top jewelry drawer because it blocked off the mirror.  And I pried off the stupid bows with a knife. 


Me said...

Hey, those are some pretty fabulous pictures you have on your very nice dresser.
Oh, and all the rest of the stuff is nice too. :)
(They really are-- Neil did awesome on the bed!)

Crapos said...

I like the wall color in your room. And Neil did a fabulous job on your bed.

Anonymous said...



Aunt Pam

Rachael said...

I know--wasn't that photographer amazing?! (and I wish you still lived here so I could hire you to take some more this year...)

Katrina said...

great job, neil!

Jolena said...

It all turned out so well! I love the color. It's what I did the furniture I built this summer in too. Really the room looks fantastic. God job!

Elise said...

wow, Neil, that looks awesome!!! you guys have done a great job on your house, the whole things looks so different and so good! also, i really do like the blue in your room.

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