Monday, August 02, 2010

Ruth's Asian adventures

My little sister Ruth (doesn't she look radiant?) and her husband Jordan are living in Hong Kong this summer--Jordan is spending 12 weeks there to prepare for opening up the Asian offices of his company.  They'll go back to school in fall and finish up their degrees (then likely move there permanently), but my family has been avidly following their adventures here.  Make sure you check out all the pictures--they always have very interesting captions!

PS--Two me-related things that speak to Ruth's organizational skills--not only did she--while on the other side of the world--call me on my birthday, but she planned ahead before she left and delivered a gorgeous set of yellow Le Creuset pans in person.  While in the midst of planning an overseas move.  Ruth is the kind of gracious, organized, and perennially well-put-together person I dream about being.  One disquieting thing about my sisters growing up is realizing how far they've all surpassed me--last week Mary Beth entertained my children for hours on end while simultaneously figuring out her schedule for her last year of law school and graciously accepting an editorial position on a law journal.  Abigail and Juliet firmly believe that Rosalind has the prettiest jewelry and tells the best bedtime stories in the world--I'm almost nervous to see Elise in a couple of weeks!! 

PPS--my girls have Aunt Ruth on speed dial--all you have to do is press "1" on their play phone.  :-)

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