Wednesday, August 04, 2010

sort of update

Isaac claps his hands whenever he stands up...
We have a slight case of library addiction.
Close  to finishing the bed...
Jules is three on Saturday.  Two days ago at lunch she coolly informed me--completely
out of the blue--"Mommy, soon I will go to college.  You will be all alone
with no little kids to play with."

So many tomatoes.  So. Many. Tomatoes.
Abigail's new favorite dinner:  grilled lime-marinated fish.  I must say, it's utterly delicious.
I love how happily all three of them play together--this was on Monday
while I was making dinner.

Sorry that this post is a little lackluster--the truth is, I just haven't really felt like
blogging lately.  We have been so busy these days--the garden requires constant
attention, Neil and I are both running 5 days a week, Neil is doing a lot of work at night,
and I'm trying to get my classes ready for the semester starting in a couple of weeks. 
Plus, all the normal time with the kids and housekeeping things.  It's just busy and
quite frankly, there are lots of things that are more important than blogging.
So I may not be around much for the next little while. 


Neil said...

That's a mighty good-lookin' bed.

Emily Juliet Ainian said...

Rachael - I loved this post. Honestly, sometimes pictures speak a thousand words. Good luck with everything you have going on!!! I would be stressed out for you, but you have a really good handle on your life as it is, so I will just watch in awe.

Also, that picture with the three of them playing together in the room - Juliet is wearing the EXACT SAME outfit that she was wearing in that picture I took of her on her bed, swinging her head and screaming!!!!! hahahahaha

Elise said...

i'm excited to see you!! don't stop posting so much quite yet....wait for about a week and then maybe! i just can't wait to see you!

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