Friday, August 20, 2010

summer's last hurrah

Last Friday Neil left work a little early and we drove up to the beach. 

It was an interesting drive, what with all the Chicago weekend traffic (and Juliet throwing up while we were in stop-and-go traffic, hence the absence of her clothes.  Like the iPod earbuds?  That was the only way we could get to stop trying to escape the car. She and Isaac were in very loud agreement about their distress at being strapped in place).

Fortunately, the beach was every bit as wonderful as the drive was miserable.  The water was warm enough to be pleasant but cool enough to be refreshing.  The air was perfect.  The beach wasn't too crowded and the waves were gentle.  The kids were ecstatic.

 We played in the sand and the water until the sun went down, stopping occasionally to refresh ourselves with grapes, baguettes, Brie, and ripe tomatoes.  Abigail started a mammoth collection of shells, all of which mysteriously disappeared by the time we left.  Jooj crawled around in the surf with her chin lifted free of the water, pretending to be a killer whale.  Isaac chortled with glee as he crawled up (and pushed over) every single sandcastle we made.  And splashed us all.   The kids and I had a sand fight out in the water until Neil made us stop.  (We all had a LOT of sand in our hair that night.)

Oh, and the wind gave Isaac the coolest mohawk ever.  People walking along the beach kept stopping to tell us how darling he was. 

Abigail told me when we were leaving that it was the most perfect day of her life.  I must say, it was pretty darn awesome. 


Mary Beth said...

Oh my gosh I love Isaac's grape-eating face.

Meghan said...

Coolest boy hair ever!

Anonymous said...


Love, Aunt Pam

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