Monday, August 30, 2010


On Friday Abigail came home with a homework assignment that required a recent picture of her.  I realized that while I have sixteen thousand pictures stored on our computer, I haven't actually printed pictures since she was eighteen months old (Juliet doesn't exist in our photo albums; there's nary a whisper of Isaac).  Oops.

So we had a quick photo-taking session.  As I was uploading the pictures later, I realized that I haven't taken pictures of the kids for quite awhile.  Another oops.

Last week I felt like I had lost some of my zest for life.  It's been really busy.  It's always busy.  But in the last three weeks, a lot of my energy has been diverted into a) cramming in quality time with everyone before Abigail goes to school b) getting my classes up and going and c) running, running, running.  I keep feeling like a wimp for not running a full marathon, but then I realize I have no idea how I would fit in another 25 miles a week.  (Well, for one I'd probably sleep less, like my brother-in-law who gets up at 4:30 to go running.)  And now that I think about it, this week was also rough because Isaac, Juliet, and Neil have all been pretty sick (on that note:  checked in with Isaac's doctor and he'll continue on daily breathing treatments at least through the end of September).  Plus we watched our friends' kids for 11 hours on Saturday. 

So things have been feeling a little more frenetic than energizing.  Hopefully soon it will all become routine and I'll be back to photographing every little thing the kids do and reveling in kitchen creations. 

Speaking of kitchen creations, I feel like I've finally got the mozzarella nailed down.  Look for a tutorial on Friday!


Meghan said...

More pictures sounds good to me. Hope everyone gets better soon and that Abigail has a great week at school.

Emily Juliet Ainian said...

Jordan runs?!?! And Abigail is SOOO DARLING! I just want to eat her up! ;)

Rachael said...

No--Neil's brother, actually. He's one of those awesome marathon runners that I'd like to be. :-)

Mary Beth said...

Really looking forward to that mozzarella tutorial. I keep telling my roommate about how awesome it was, and she's excited to make it with me!

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