Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Universe 3, Rachael 0

In the past twelve hours, I have:

  • chipped one of my front teeth
  • poured boiling water all over my foot
  • flattened the back of my hand against a 400-degree oven.
impressive, huh?

true story:  when I was younger, I was moderately accident-prone.  in a year or so I managed to chop off a finger, jam my bike pedal through my foot, smash everything in my ankle to the bone, develop a pressure ulcer from said ankle that resulted in a six-inch split in my leg, and other assorted ailments.  I remember once being woozily wheeled into the ER and one of the nurses greeted me by name.

here's hoping I'm not going for some repeats...I already have WAY too many scars. 


Chad said...

That's the opposite of me. I never even had stitches until 36 years old. As you know I did have brain surgery at 34, but those were staples so that doesn't count.

Dani said...

Details? What happened?

Neil said...

I thought "chicks dig scars?"

Rachael said...

All kind of silly--I chipped a tooth biting a sewing machine needle out of fabric--I broke a needle sewing through six layers of sticky-back velcro, vinyl, and cotton (I was making reusable snack bags). I could absolutely not get the needle out and the whole mess was stuck under the machine, so after 15 minutes of trying I finally used my teeth to grip the needle and yank it out. Then later I realized needle-nosed pliers would have been a better option. It's not a very large chip, and it's not noticeable at all, but boy is it annoying every time my tongue touches it.

And I dumped boiling water over myself canning tomatoes, and burned my hand in the oven racing to get a dinner to another family on time.

Breanne Grover said...

Wow, and I thought I was accident prone! :) I ran into a door frame today! But, my accidents mostly deal with bruises ... not blood and breaking things.

aLi said...

moderately accident-prone??? Girl, you are losing big time with the universe!!! Man, so sorry!!!

Elise said...

When I was little, one of my front teeth was noticably chipped...I have no idea how, and no one else probably knows, but I think it was rather cute on me. haha

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