Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wish I'd remembered my camera

Last night I ate this.  And yes, it was every bit as tasty as it looks. 

I love visiting teaching.  I really really do.  Even when it doesn't include dessert, but really, I love visiting teaching.  It is one of the highlights in my life--I love my companion and I love the fact that the sisters we visit have become friends.  I love the fact that every time I talk to my companion over the phone to discuss our available times for the month, we end up talking for an hour.  The fact that we have been companions for four years never ceases to amaze and delight me (if anyone in the RS presidency is reading this, please don't switch us!! :-)

Sometimes I feel lonely and mournful because I just don't see as many friends or have as much time for talking to other women as I did five years ago.  Visiting teaching helps so much with those feelings--what an inspired program!  Not only do we have a chance to take care of each other's temporal needs, but visiting teaching can fill a real void in our emotional needs as well.  The hours that I spent tonight sitting with my companion and one of our sisters (we were celebrating her birthday) were the highlight of my week thus far--we sat there long after our desserts were gone, just talking.  It was wonderful and rejuvenating, and our conversation gave me so many things to think about.

One thing I really appreciate about visiting teaching is that it gives me a chance to get to know people that I probably wouldn't have much contact with otherwise.  I have learned so much from the women I visit and the women who visit me.  Sometimes I'll read a new assignment and think, "Hmm...that should be interesting," but inevitably, it is perfect for something I need to learn or experience.  There is always something that I change about my life after I have been visited or gone visiting.  I often end up doing research on something we talked about, or trying new recipes, or checking out a book that someone loved. 

My visiting teachers right now are amazing--they always remember what I'm interested in and often bring by something that is tailored for something I'm passionate about right now (and let's not forget the magical lotion my visiting teacher concocted when the gnats tried to kill me). And I will never forget the way my first visiting teachers in this ward (who sadly have both moved away) were right there when Neil had pneumonia the first time and was very, very, very sick--I was practically in tears when I opened the door and one of them was standing there with dinner and said, "I just felt like you needed this today" (plus she brought us these really amazing Oreo truffles).  Her companion was over the next morning with a whole slew of ready-made foods for Neil and the kids, plus flowers for me.  Which was totally heart-warming, especially since I had told neither of them that he had pneumonia--they just felt impressed that I needed them.  And another set of visiting teachers took over last year when I had surgery, and organized meals and childcare for a week before I really knew what was happening. 

I know I already said this, but I love visiting teaching.  So grateful for it. 



amy said...

I have LOVED being you companion all these years too. VT is SO wonderful and I am feel blessed to be able to share those moments with you:)

aLi said...

I agree!!!!! It's great to be on the giving end as well as the receiving end. We have been on the receiving end a TON TON TON lately, and it's... amazing.

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