Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Want to know something?  "Applesauce" was my first word (or more like "applesloss" if you want to get technical).  It's good stuff.

I love canning applesauce.  It comes right at the perfect time--I'm sick of pitting peaches, hulling strawberries, snapping green beans, blanching tomatoes, crushing blueberries.  Applesauce is like a gift--quarter the apples, throw them in a pot with some water until they're softened, crank them through the strainer, and bam!  Applesauce.  I love it.

Our kids have been there for every step of the way on all the food preservation this summer; they've snapped their fair share of green beans and been up to their elbows in strawberries.  But applesauce is something that they can really do "all by themselves" (boiling apple mush, however, is still done by Neil and I).  Plus, we let them eat all the apples they want, which is like a dream come true for some reason.

Isaac wasn't really a big apple fan before Saturday afternoon, but he's been very enthusiastic ever since (I guess if you get plunked down with 140 lbs of apples as your only toy for several hours, you do what you gotta do).

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Meghan said...

Nothing like a little kid with cases of fruit. Did he take one bite and move on to the next apple?

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