Thursday, September 23, 2010

making things

I have all these lists and bookmarks on my computer for projects I want to make.  Hand-dyed fabric, hand-painted fabric, ruffled silk pillows, hand-painted rugs (are we sensing a theme here?), adding ribbon stripes to lampshades, spray-painting just about everything possible, making a crib skirt for Isaac (and a comforter, since he'll outgrow his crib soon and it takes me forever to finish a quilt), etc.  There are SO MANY COOL TUTORIALS out there!!!  And I want to try them all in my nonexistent free time with my almost nonexistent decorating budget (hello, inherited fabric stash). 

Problem is...Neil.

Who is generally very supportive of projects that I want to do, but does not see the need for more throw pillows (I don't think you can ever have too many throw pillows, plus they are so fun and easy to make!).  Right now we're Gmail chatting about this chevron fabric, which I want to use to make curtains in our bedroom, and Neil thinks looks like a referee in the process of falling down.  (Incidentally, he deleted my bookmarks when he reinstalled Windows a month ago.  Too many ruffled silk pillows, apparently.)

What do you think?  Would this be too much in floor-to-ceiling curtains in a black-and-white room? 

And what is your favorite online decorating tutorial that you've seen lately?  I'm partial to this chandelier.  Or this ruffle pillow.  And this fabric.

(ps...I still love my husband.  Even if he does think chevron fabric looks like a referee).  

pps--thanks for all your really awesome comments about school fundraising.  great food for thought!!


Anonymous said...

That fabric makes me dizzy. :)
Love, Aunt Pam

Crapos said...

We're on decorating hiatus for awhile so I don't have a favorite tutorial at the moment. But I'm loving making felt food right now. has links to all sorts of fun tutorials.

Meghan said...

Charlie Brown curtains!

Anonymous said...

My vote is with Neil on the curtains. Though I thought he liked throwing pillows.

love you,

Neil said...

You know, Sweetheart, it looks like most people agree with my assessment of the curtains. Maybe we ought to consider another design.

And yes, I do so enjoy throwing pillows at my children. Its their favorite game.

Mary Beth said...

Sorry, but I've got to agree with Neil. :)

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