Friday, October 08, 2010

my kids are going to grow up as weirdies

Isaac was on daily breathing treatments from June 20-October 1st.  We rejoiced when we did the last one. 

Today Juliet's pediatrician told me that Jooj needs some thrice-daily sessions with the nebulizer.  Blast--only seven days of freedom from that machine!

Here is what I did NOT expect:  that Isaac would be crazy insanely mad with jealousy.  But I guess it makes sense, since he was in love with his nebulizer masks and would often climb up to get one down and then wear it around the house.  He threw a tantrum the entire time I was "smoking" Juliet (as we call it around here).  Crazy little kid.  Seriously.  I've heard of some weird lovies, but a nebulizer mask?   Poor Isaac. 


aLi said...


Afton said...

WOw, that stinks you have to do that! I think it's pretty funny he LIKED doing it.

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