Friday, October 22, 2010

photo update from the last three weeks

When my parents and sister Rosalind visited over Conference weekend three weeks ago, we went on a beautiful (chilly!) walk Sunday morning before the first session.  Fall is my very favorite outdoorsy time of year, and I've been trying to get out as a family as much as we can.  A couple of nights ago Neil and I took the children down by campus to where all the students live in these huge old homes with enormous trees that shed leaf piles that go totally unraked until their landlords stop by; we played for an hour in the piles of leaves all over the sidewalks and grass.  Our favorite point was when Isaac rolled completely off the sidewalk and into the street (not that there was much distinguishing between the two in the knee-high piles of leaves!) and his eyes got big and he said, "Whooooaaaa!"

Anyway...some more pictures from that walk in early October (three days after Neil's bike crash, which is why he's a little dinged up).

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, this pregnancy has been pretty great--except for crippling fatigue.  Fortunately my children are more than happy to spend yet another day lying on the floor reading stories all morning and playing Legos.  It's actually been really nice, in many ways, except for the day that I fell asleep on the floor after dinner and Juliet & Isaac took turns sitting on my head and I still slept through it. 

Neil took this picture on the first day that I said, "I feel like myself again" (although don't let the picture deceive you, because Neil is the one who actually made the pizza). 

But most days are still pretty good, as long as I get an insane amount of sleep.  (Please disregard the fact that, as you can see below, makeup is not happening very often). 

 Walking in to our library to see this made my heart turn over.  Are they not the darlingest little bookworms?

And Isaac has passed the fifteen-month mark.  Boy, is he a character.  He calls Neil "Mam!" and then laughs like crazy at Neil's frustrated," No! Not Mam! Da-da!" (although he will call Neil after Neil leaves for work in the morning and he says, "Bye Da!" at the closed door).  He loves, loves, loves cuddling and being held, and will turn into a shrieking limpet if you do not pick him up immediately.  Which makes making dinner very very hard.  He is a happy little man as long as one of his preferred adults is sitting on the floor where he can come and snuggle if he wants to, so he generally will go play by himself for two minutes, climb back in a lap, snuggle down and say something happily, then run off again to play, back to snuggle, etc. 

The girls have an interesting relationship with him.  Abigail is very motherly (right here she's trying to teach him to do baby yoga, which was her own idea), and Jules and Isaac are either the best of friends or...they are emphatically not.  Depends on the moment. 

Also...he is just the darling.  As are they all. Some days I wonder if we'll ever all be healthy at the same time (right now two of the three are on antibiotics) or if our house will ever get clean, or if I'll ever get to x project that I need to do, but I am just so grateful for my little people.  And even if we are all sick today, and I have no intention of changing out of my pajamas until I go running today, there are few things as downright lovely than cuddling children in fuzzy pajamas while we read stories and eat grapes...all day long. 


Neil said...

I love the pictures

Meghan said...

Great pictures, but I was on that hike, too! Just on the wrong side of the camera....
Have a fun day. Rosalind and I will do the teenage equivalent of a sick day, with smoothies and White Collar or Buffy. If she's even well enough for that; yesterday I just cuddled up in bed with alternating chills and fever all day, and I think she's a day behind me.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post and pictures! You all look great! Even poor Neil after his accident. Lots of outdoor time in the autumn is always very enjoyable. The pizza looks wonderful! We need to start making those! Take care! Love, Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin

Mary Beth said...

Those pictures are so much fun! I'm really glad you're getting to enjoy so much wonderful fall outdoors time. It's my favorite season, too, and I'm really looking forward to the weekend when I can spend a little time outside. Although we don't really have enough trees here to make it interesting...

Hope the kids start getting better soon, and you start getting your energy back. *hugs*

Elise said...

i love this post....and i love my family!! miss you all, and wish i was with you, you are all so wonderful!

Meghan said...

By the way, I love the final hiking picture of Juliet. That was right after Rosalind had run after her and brought her back to the bench for pictures. Her face is the perfect pout.

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