Thursday, October 07, 2010

recipe for awesomeness

Most of the time it's not that bad teaching a couple of classes in my "off hours" when the children are asleep.  I've finally managed to mentally separate the two, so I just don't even worry about teaching when I'm cooking or reading stories or building a pioneer fort.  Teaching is reserved for other times.

But project-grading weeks are hard.  Really, really hard.  Every minute that the children are asleep goes to frantically grading.  All of the things I would normally do during that time get pushed to the side (which means my bathrooms need to be cleaned, I haven't worn makeup in three days, my kitchen floor is sticky, there's a stack of unopened mail, and my beloved books are languishing on my nightstand).  I don't know how many hours I've logged this week, but I can't wear my contacts anymore because my eyes aren't focusing properly.  Oh, and the half-marathon is next week. 

Over the last couple of days the kids have started coming down with colds.  Isaac is only happy when he's in my lap (which means we've had lots of quality time together, but cooking dinner to the earsplitting toddler shrieks of death is not fun).  Today I finally gave in and let Juliet watch The Little Mermaid today during Isaac's nap, rather than trying to convince her to somehow stay quietly in her room and go to sleep. My inventiveness for fun things to do in her room for an hour is exhausted at this point.  Of course, Isaac woke up from his nap an hour early, so I let both of them sit on the floor eating Goldfish watching our teeny tiny little screen while I typed crazy-fast comments on the last paper before I forgot everything I needed to say.  Novelty is the only attraction, I suppose...I can't remember the last time when they watched a movie. 

So here you've got it:

My kids are watching a movie (something I bend over backwards trying to avoid)...

...eating processed snacks (so much for my Goldfish ban)...

...dripping snot mixed with Goldfish crumbs onto the carpet, the vacuuming of which was the only household chore (aside from washing dishes) that I managed to accomplish today.

Don't you think my life is glamorous?  And exciting? 

Weeks like this make me realize just how much of a blessing it is that I normally DO have so much time with my children and my home and all the things that I really love. 

and now if you'll excuse me, I want to go watch Cinderella with my drippy-nosed friends.  Maybe we'll pop some popcorn and really make a festival out of this, because I happen to quite like Cinderella and popcorn and chubby cuddly babies. 

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Anonymous said...

Yeah in fact I do think your life is glamorous--and spent with the finest people doing the most important things.

Love you,

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