Monday, October 04, 2010

update and thank you

Thank you all so much for your prayers on Neil's behalf and kind comments on the last post.  Happily, he is doing MUCH better; the cuts on his arms, hands, and face are healing well (he should be able to have the stitches removed tomorrow).  He seemed to bounce back pretty quickly from the concussion and he's been talking lucidly since.  :-)  We are very, very, very blessed in that there doesn't seem to be any long-term memory loss; he is still numb on the left side of his face, but hopefully the feeling there will come back.

We did find the missing piece to his bike; he'd left his bike on campus overnight on Wednesday since he needed the space in the car to drive the missionaries to our house for dinner.  So we went to campus and found that the axle and all its components were laid neatly to the side of the place where he'd parked his bike that night.  Since it would be virtually impossible for everything to spontaneously fall out at once and still be linked together, we're assuming that someone just removed it as a prank.  An extremely expensive and scary prank.

If you want to see a photo of Neil's crazy bandage/headdress, check out the front page of the campus newspaper here.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear he is doing okay. Hang in there. Love, Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin

Mary Beth said...

I'm so glad to hear (read?) he's doing okay. Hopefully the cuts don't scar too badly, and if they do he'll have a good story to tell!

(Although I was extremely puzzled by the campus newspaper's use of the word "pedestrian" to describe a guy on a bike. Doesn't sound like he was doing much walking even after he fell off the bike! But I hope whoever sabotaged his bike saw that article in the newspaper, connected the dots, and felt really really bad.)

Danielle said...

Oh my! NOT a funny prank. So glad he/you are OK. Scary! I have to guys spend way more than your fair share of time in scary ER/Doctors apt. situations!

Bless you!

Audra said...

What a terrible prank - so glad your husband will be okay. The concussion talk was too funny!

tralina said...

Will and I are so glad that Neil is OK, and we hope he heals well.

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