Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fifteen weeks

Today Julesie and I went to the "baby doctor," who won Juliet's eternal affection by asking her to help with the Doppler monitor for the baby's heartbeat.  I love my OB so much--I'm excited to have another baby under her care.  She was absolutely amazing during all the complications while I was pregnant with Isaac and it was so good to talk with her today.

Highlights of the visit today:
  • my due date was moved up 6 days (to May 12)
  • I'm officially cleared for running!  Hurray! I still have some other restrictions, but based on the fact that I haven't had any issues while running last week and this week, I have her permission to keep going.  I am absolutely euphoric about this.  :-)
  • my next ultrasound is in 4 weeks (at which point we'll hopefully be able to find out the baby's gender; hopefully also at this point the placenta will have moved and the rest of the restrictions will be lifted).
This just shows how much of a nerd I am, but I've been keeping track, and I've run 263 miles during my pregnancy to date (after today's run, that will be 267 miles).  I think that's kinda nifty.  :-)

Although on the other hand, some people run that every week, so I suppose it's all relative.


Kathryn said...

Congratulations!! It is so important to love your OB, especially when pregnant.

Danielle said...

Oh Avery does the same thing at my midwife appointments with the Doppler "all by myself mom!".

So glad you are feeling good and things are progressing smoothly again. Although I am just laughing to myself because when I am first pregnant there is nothing I rather do less than run but good for you!!

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