Monday, November 29, 2010

heigh-ho, home again

I think the life lesson that I'm supposed to be learning is to just enjoy the way things are, rather than looking forward to a nebulous future when somehow everything will be calm, the children will be well-behaved 'round the clock, and I will feel well-rested, slender, and free from any ailment.

We went to my parents' home for Thanksgiving last week.  It was so lovely to see them, my grandparents, and my youngest sister.  I've been looking forward to those five days for weeks.  The older I get, the more my family becomes my best friends.

I had a lot of time to reflect on how grateful I was for family and loved ones over the week; I ended up spending about half the time curled up on the couch or in bed.  Despite feeling horrible, it was so nice to have people willing to play with my children, read them stories, and make me food when I actually felt like eating (translation:  there is not going to be any holiday weight gain.  So sad about all those much-anticipated apple pies I did not get to eat).  I did have a couple of days where I felt pretty good, which was lovely because Neil and I got to see the new Harry Potter movie and went running together twice.  It was so nice to be with him.

I'm trying to keep this feeling of being loved in mind today so that I can share it with my kiddos.  Jules started throwing up in the car on the way home yesterday and things have been quite exciting around our house this morning (the more so because we had absolutely no food, thanks to some not-so-good pre-vacation food planning).  Fortunately Neil was able to hold down the fort (and clean up after Jules) while I made a mad dash to the grocery store.

So my goal for today is to just make my children feel loved, and not to worry about everything else...for the moment.


Neil said...

I believe it's spelled 'Joules'

Meghan said...

Good goal. Take care of the most important things first, and you'll have time for the trivia later. And Neil, you've read too many chemistry textbooks, I think.

Meghan said...

You know, Juliet may have the more active version of the nausea you were experiencing over the weekend. Maybe it was a virus, not pregnancy! Which would be good, except viruses are contagious. Hope you got a lot of 7-Up and food for the week.

Elise said...

you're finally home! i've been stalking your blog for what has felt like two years waiting for you to post about thanksgiving...with pictures! also, i'm building up quite a store of youtube videos for christmas

kiteskitesyay said...

Ha. We were home for the week of Thanksgiving too. Jessica and I actually drove past your street when we went to see how they re-did the high school (and tooled around town noting points of interest). We considered calling you/stopping by. Jessica hasn't met you, and I believe is slightly intimidated by the descriptions she's heard from me about you/your blog. You're just so good at everything.

Maybe there'll be a 10-year reunion at PCHS, and we'll all see each other then.

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