Tuesday, November 02, 2010

a little catch-up

 The children are growing so fast, and I haven't been doing a good job of talking about it here.  So since I foolishly fell asleep after dinner and I'll probably be awake all night, I'm taking a quick break from grading to do so.

Abigail is loving, loving, LOVING kindergarten.  She has been moved up six reading levels since she started school, and every day when she comes home she cheerfully volunteers to read to Jules and Isaac while I start dinner.  It's been so fun to watch her blossom out in confidence and skills; she talks all the time about her friends at school and friends on the bus.  There is one little girl in her class who has some disabilities and Abigail has made a real point to be friends with this girl and get her things from her cubby because the little girl can't walk very well.  I have loved seeing this side of her develop.  I must say that we still have a lot of power struggles and clashes, but we are definitely on the upswing.  :-)

My two favorite Abigail quotes from the past week--I asked her how Isaac climbed up onto Juliet's bed, and she shrugged and said, "I don't know--I guess he just has awesome skills."

And when we were on a walk on Saturday and bushwhacking it over to the lake, she called to Neil behind us, "Dad!  This way!  We have the courage!" 

Totally cracked me up. 

 Speaking of power struggles, Jules is SOOO three.  She is darling and delightsome and infuriating all at the same time.  For some reason right now she's on this anti-soup thing, whereas Abigail is obsessed with soup (and wants to eat this roasted garlic soup every night.  Seriously).  Joojer will do just about anything if you offer to read her a story, with the exception of cleaning up her toys, at which juncture she always remembers she is so tired she is about to fall over (which she does to great dramatic effect). 

One of Juliet's favorite things to do right now is lie right next to the speaker (so good for her hearing, I know!) and listen to her favorite songs.  She especially loves the Chipmunks Christmas and Phantom of the Opera.  Logical choices, right?  Speaking of music, the girls have become very interested in composers lately, and I overheard them the other day trying to say, "Tchaikovsky, Berlioz, Prokofiev," and they kept mangling Tchaikovsky and it was the cutest thing ever.  Shy-chov-skee. 

Isaac is a mama's boy.  Or rather, a "mam" boy. And this isn't to say that he doesn't like Neil, because Neil is also called "Mam."  He is still the cuddliest of our kiddos, although lately he has gone from happy cuddling to horrific screaming any time he is not in someone's arms (much worse right now that he's sick).  He loves playing "choo-choo," and is really starting to be interested in books, although he's discovered that they tear easily, so that's not so fun for the rest of us.  He has also reached that mysterious age where he's suddenly decided that every owie needs a kiss, he's learned to fold his arms when we're praying, and he is very good at reminding me not to be on the computer when he's awake, since he has learned to slam the keyboard drawer shut on my hands and then say, "Mam!" very defiantly. 

And now back to grading.  I love my little munchkins, especially when they're angelically sleeping. 


Meghan said...

Great stories! Thanks for the pictures and anecdotes. Fun little munchkins.

Elise said...

i know where they get the awesome skills.

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