Friday, November 12, 2010

soaking up golden November

I must admit that the older my children get, the less I feel like blogging.  They're still doing so many fun cute things, but real life is so much busier that I can see blogging falling by the wayside in the not-too-distance future.

We've had unseasonably and beautifully warm weather here the last week.  Yesterday we lay on the grass reading stories and watching the leaves blow over the lawn.  All three of the children diligently plucked sunflower seeds out from the dried flower heads and Abigail confided to me that she hadn't decided whether they were "harvesting them for winter food or seeds for next spring...we'll just have to see what we need, Mom."  My heart flip-flopped every time I looked at their three serious faces, so intent on their pile of seeds.

Yesterday Juliet came in to my room whimpering during quiet time.  I invited her up onto my bed, and she cuddled down into my arms, fitting her body against mine.  Her tumbled curls spread out over my arms, and her flushed little cheek settled into the palm of my hand.  She fell asleep almost instantly, and I lay there relishing the quiet and the sound of her breathing.

Today after the girls' dental appointments, we went to a nearby park and fed the ducks and geese Goldfish crumbs for almost an hour.  The girls crouched by the water, pointing out their favorites--the mottled black-and-white!  The duck with the feather ruff on its head!  Or maybe that big glossy mallard...or the whole flock of geese.  Isaac bounced and laughed and quacked to his heart's content.  Abigail told me she was having so much fun that she wished she was a duck.

Last night Neil and I laughed ourselves silly looking at a baby name site that featured all kinds of foreign-language names; my favorite was "Probert," meaing "son of Robert," which meant I was going into gales of laughter about naming our next baby "Pneil," or "Prachael."

Sometimes it's hard to count my blessings because there are so many of them, but there are always four that top my list:  my little family. 


Elise said...

i really love this post...these are always my favorites and make me always so excited to have my own family!!

Dani said...

Love this post. Thanks for sharing.

Meghan said...

Great post, except for the part about blogging falling by the wayside. I've decided what I want for Christmas: a couple of blogs updates a week for the next 50 years. Then we'll see after that.

Mary Beth said...

I love your blogs, as it seems like they're the best way of keeping up with you and your family...but I certainly understand how hard it is to keep up blogging with so many other things going on. Maybe I should just start calling you more. ;)

As Elise said, these family-focused blogs are my favorite. They always make my heart turn over. Thank you for sharing.

(How would you pronounce Pneil? Would the P be silent? On the other hand, Prachael sounds disturbingly like an actual name... Ever read the Wodehouse books about Psmith, who adds the P to distinguish him from all the other everyday Smiths in the world?)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! I would miss your blog. I agree with your Mom! I think you write such great posts about family life and your photos are always so fun. Love, Aunt Pam

Meghan said...

It's clear, Rachael. Your public needs you! We need you! (Meaning your continuing blog posts)

Neil said...

I love you, Rachael. You're my best friend.

Chad said...

Gross, you're kissing my brother!

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