Tuesday, November 02, 2010


 We've had two really magical Saturdays for the last two weeks (is it coincidental that we are no longer running for 2 hours on Saturday mornings?!).  This past weekend, Neil and I did a lot of debating about what we wanted to do for Halloween, and we finally decided (after regretfully admitting that 32 degrees was probably a little cold to go camping at Mammoth Cave) that we would spend the whole day in what Abigail called "family party."  On Friday night, we went to the grocery store and everyone picked out his/her favorite candy.  Super exciting.  :-)  On Saturday morning, we headed out to a corn maze, where Isaac's favorite thing was the sand pit, Abigail's was the straw tunnel, and Juliet's was the hayride (that lasted about three minutes).  But the corn maze itself was pretty fun too, and we ended up having a family corn fight (there were millions of corn kernels everywhere, since it was the second-to-last day the maze was open) that was so fun.

 When we got home from the maze, I did some grading while Isaac napped and Neil went to the adult session of stake conference.  After dinner, we went for a long walk in our favorite woods--which was so beautiful and peaceful and perfect.  Then we came home, made a huge pan of Rice Krispie treats, dyed orange and decorated with candy to look like a jack-o-lantern, put Isaac to bed, and told the girls they could eat as much candy as they wanted from our grocery-store stash while we watched How to Train Your Dragon.  It was so much fun, especially when we noticed that Juliet was so enthralled with the movie that she had clutched her Rice Krispie treat so tightly to her chest that it was embedded in her pajamas (she said it was "treats for later," presumably in bed). 
The Saturday before that, we decided to
attack the garden.  We did some more harvesting, including all the parsnips and the last of the carrots (not pictured).  I loved the color medley. 

And then--and THEN--we lit the garden on fire.  Somewhat spectacularly, since it was kind of drizzly and so Neil poured gasoline on the pile.  WHOOOSH!  It was awesome.  :-)  We have never burned our garden before, but we're hoping this kills the tomatoes that might have sprouted again next year and re-infected our garden with blight.  We'll see how well it works.  Actually, it started raining, so we left the rest for another day, but I'm excited to light the whole thing up again. 

Our neighbors' cat spent most of the day at our house being affectionately mauled by our children, who are head over heels in love.  Neil and I have decided this is the perfect pet--she comes instantly whenever we're outside, but we don't actually have to take care of her.  Plus she is super affectionate and SO good with the kids. 

That night we lit a more traditional fire and roasted those enormous marshmallows
that are practically the size of your head.  Really fun as a novelty, but we decided they were a bit big for eating.

And then after the chocolately smoky children were tucked in their beds, Neil and I sat by the fire sipping his homemade wassail and petting the cat.  Perfect day. 


Anonymous said...

Great photos & post. Love, Aunt Pam

Meghan said...

What a great weekend! Fires and tunnels and corn fights sound like a wonderful Fall celebration. Glad you had such a good time before the going got rough.

Elise said...

i wish i was there :( Christmas can't come soon enough!!

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