Monday, December 13, 2010

And it went downhill from there

Usually I have saccharine-laden posts about our weekend on Monday morning.  But this weekend was a completely different story.  I'll spare you the blow-by-blow, but some of it was just so farcically awful that it has to be shared.

  • Friday night: I baked the above cake to take to a party.  I couldn't remember how long to let a bundt cake cool, so I Googled it, and read "cool in pan until completely cool."  BAD ADVICE.  I called my mom frantically and she advised me to try gluing the pieces back together with glaze (which is what the gooey stuff all over in the picture is--the glue stage, before I actually glazed the cake).  Good advice, but the cake was too far gone.  So it arrived at the party sliced on a platter instead of atop the planned cake stand.  
  • Friday night, part II:  when we got home from the party at 9:30, our kids were still awake.  First clue that Saturday was going to be Not Fun.
  • Saturday:  Joseph Conrad said it best:  "The horror!  The horror!"  It was truly awful.  Instead of going to the ward party, all the kids were in bed by 6:30.  Typical instance of the day:  loading all the kids into the van to finish Christmas shopping, the van didn't start, switching everyone over to the Jeep (cue screaming, punching, hitting, and crying all around town due to the close proximity).  Starting the van now requires  permanent application of a rubber mallet to the ignition. 
  • Sunday:  Isaac did his best impression of being possessed by demons all through church.  Neil spent most of the 3-hour block roaming the halls with Demon Baby.  Had to start the van after church using aforesaid rubber mallet.
  • Sunday dinner:  we found a worm floating in the orange juice halfway through the pitcher.  Thoroughly grossed out, I got up to get something from the pantry and found another worm crawling over the lid of the jar.  Then nobody wanted to eat their spaghetti for some weird reason ("No Mommy!  Not eating the worms!").
  • Sunday night:  drove around town in what turned into a  serious blizzard dropping off Christmas treats.  CRAZINESS.  
  • Sunday night: kids in bed:  retreated to the shower needing some isolation from the world.  Lathered up, and the water inexplicably turned off.  Cue hysteria-induced laughter at the awfulness of the entire weekend.  (eventually the water did turn back on).
And guess what?  That was the detail-sparing version.

Have you ever just had a day--or sequence of days--so awful that you think "This can't get any worse" and then hah hah, IT DOES!!!!

I figure this week has to be great, because we can't go anywhere but up, right?  (Once we manage to shovel ourselves out of the house, that is.  Stupid snow, you are worthless without ski slopes or even a decent sledding hill.)


aLi said...

oh dear. And then the water turned off?!?!? LoL.

Do you use Baker's Joy? It's great for bundt cakes. Better luck next time... :(

Meghan said...

Whoa! Can the van be fixed? That is crazy. I'm glad I don't own a van like that!
And all the other stuff--arghh! Thought it did become a bit of a comedy of horrors.
Hope today--or tomorrow, anyway--is better.

Dani said...

Wow! I've so been there Rachael. It's great that you could laugh when the water turned off. I would have cried. Hopefully your week gets better and better.

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