Saturday, December 18, 2010

counting down on the paper chain

Our things-to-do-before-Christmas paper chain is getting so short!!

Last night we drove waaaay out to a living nativity sponsored by a local church.  It was really pretty impressive--they had 14 different scenes enacted, with live actors and live animals (the kids' favorite part).  I thought it was really neat that the story they presented didn't just end with the birth of Christ--it went on through his life, his ministry, his death, and his resurrection.  We decided to walk through the scenes (since the wait to drive through was 50 minutes), and boy, that 15-degree weather was no joke!  We were very excited to enter Bethlehem, where the gates were guarded by Roman soldiers and enormous torches made of propane tanks.  Nice and warm.  :-)  We were SO impressed by the number of volunteers they had--it was really amazing how many people were involved in putting this thing on.  It was HUGE.  The walking tour concluded in their community center, where they had lots of hot chocolate and cookies (Isaac garnered tons of "isn't he cutes!" at his happiness at being given his very own cookie).  It was a fun little trip and the kids really enjoyed it, despite the cold. 

The narration that went along with each scene was a little different from the way our church would have presented things, but Neil and I were talking later that night about how great it was to see other religions doing something really neat and wonderful like this.  That's one thing I really enjoy about living outside of Utah--I really like getting to know many people of other faiths who are passionate believers and dedicated to being the best people they can be.  As we walked through, I kept thinking how impressed I was with this church's willingness to put on this ENORMOUS production for the community, free of charge, and how grateful I was for the chance to visit--I got very choked up several times during the various scenes. 

Today we went to visit the children's museum in Indianapolis.  We rode the Yule Slide--so fun!!--and revisited all the familiar exhibits.  Juliet is super into dinosaurs right now, so we stayed in the dino zone for a looong time (Juliet is so into dinosaurs, in fact, that she cut Abigail's hand yesterday with her "T-rex claws"). Isaac's favorite thing was the jingle bells near the area where you could groom the reindeer and "feed" them lichen (quite a bit of which ended up in Abigail's hair).  We also stayed to see a live theater performance about Dorothy returning to Oz (based on the book Ozma of Oz).  Abigail wasn't very impressed, but Juliet and Isaac found it riveting (Isaac scared the daylights out of the kid in front of us several times when he [Isaac] was very fascinated by something onstage and said "WHOA!" really loudly right in the kid's ear). 

PS--thank you SO much for all your comments on the last post.  They have been really helpful to me and to my state of mind.  :-)


Meghan said...

You're making Christmas time a magical time of year for your kids, with or without Santa. Sounds like a wonderful time both days.

Kayli said...

I can't believe I never went to that nativity-- I wanted to every year and somehow never did! Sounds fantastic!

Kristin said...

Hey, in response to your question about my shoes... I replaced them last month. It's not as much the shoes as how I actually run... I roll my foot really well on my right side, but I totally slap the pavement with my left foot. To run well on my left, I really have to concentrate, and then it's annoying because all I'm thinking about for an hour and a half is, "Roll your foot..." So, I've given up hope this close to the half. I've noticed I slap it more , when I go out fast, so I've tried to slow it down, and get in a good rythym. It's so annoying!

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