Friday, December 10, 2010

a jumble

Things that have made me happy lately:
  • Our little advent chain.  So far it's managed to remain fun without being stressful (tip I picked up in Abigail's kindergarten class--gingerbread houses are way more fun for the small fry if you hot-glue the bases together rather than using icing.  No tipping!  No cracking!  No roofs giving way to an overabundance of candies!  We used icing to stick on the candies, but that hot glue sure made a difference in the amount of tears and frantic "My house is BREAKING!" cries).
  • Last night I had a few friends over to swap bread recipes (I made this one) and baking wisdom.  We munched on each other's whole-wheat bread, trading what bits of wisdom we had to share about gluten formation and storing freshly-milled wheat flour.  Neil had lit a fire earlier and the whole house was so snug and cozy.  We finished the evening off with mugs of homemade hot chocolate.  It was lovely to just relax and chat with friends--the day had been rather frantic, and I felt so rejuvenated after just a few hours away from my normal busyness and worries. 
  • Speaking of bread, one of my goals has been to phase out buying bread products at the grocery store.  I love baking--it's one of my very favorite things to do--so why do I always end up in the bread aisle?  Up until now, it's been for two things:  1) bagels and 2) sandwich bread that doesn't go all crumbly in a packed lunch.  Thanks to Kayli, I have been experimenting like crazy with this bagel recipe and I got some great ideas last night about keeping my homemade bread fresher longer.  
  • When everyone had gone home last night, Neil and I ended up in the living room in front of the fire.  He drank the rest of the hot chocolate, I lay on the sheepskin rug and dreamily watched the flames dance and flicker.  I looked up at the stockings and thought about how Neil had driven in an extra nail that night for the new little stocking that will be hanging there next Christmas.  I lay there with my head pillowed on Neil's arm while we talked for hours (we went to bed reeeaaally late because we lost track of time).  Every so often I felt a little fluttering kick from the baby.  Snow started falling outside.  It was lovely.  I cherish time like that with Neil--it doesn't seem to happen nearly as often as it should, but it's lovely when it does. 
  • So...when I got up this morning, I was really tired because I stayed up so late last night. After Neil left for work, the kids and I sat in our pajamas finishing a very leisurely breakfast.  Isaac, who has been feverish for a couple of days, wanted to snuggle in my lap.  He cuddled down against my shoulder, put his hands in one of mine, and then closed my hand around his.  I sat there enjoying the moment and luxuriating in the fact that my children are still so young that we can have these lovely slow-paced days.  
  • Speaking of children, the other day Abigail (who is a bit of a dramatic) dropped a celery bag on the floor.  She asked Juliet to pick it up for her, since Abigail was standing on a chair at the counter helping me make dinner.  And then she re-bagged the celery, looked down at Juliet with a very woeful face, and said, "Oh Juliet, can you please put this back in the 'fridge for me?  If I have to get down from this chair, I'm afraid it would be a long and terrible journey."  Oh, funny kid.


Kayli said...

I'm jealous of your fireplace. However, I do have twinkling Christmas tree lights and hot cocoa. Maybe I can get Brett to cuddle with me a little tonight ... then again, maybe if baby goes to sleep we'll just drop off to senselessness as soon as possible. :) Either way will be good.

That bagel recipe was great, wasn't it?! Did you have any trouble with yours sticking to the pan--if not, how did you let them dry for a minute?

Rachael said...

Kayli, I have a Silpat non-stick baking thingie (for lining cookie sheets). I put that on the counter and put the bagels on it when they came out of the water and were really sticky. Then when they were slightly tacky, but not sticky and wet anymore, I lifted them off the Silpat and put them on the baking sheet.

Anonymous said...

So how does the hot glue taste?


Meghan said...

This sounds so wonderful. Did we do anything fun when you were little? I think I missed out on a lot of opportunities.

Kritta22 said...

oh what a wonderful update! Makes me long for a fireplace!!!

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