Friday, December 31, 2010

last of the year

any guesses what Juliet, also known as "thinks she's a dinosaur," or "enormous repository of dinosaur trivia" calls her favorite present this year? 

I love Christmas dearly (we've been listening to Christmas music since September), but I think New Year's just might be my favorite part of the holidays.  Free from the pressure and expectations of Christmas, it's always a time when I feel incredibly motivated to make all kinds of changes and get excited about the next year. And as a compulsive list-maker and organizer, it's right up my alley.

This morning I've been tearing through my house pretending that I am moving abroad and only keeping the things I really really love.  I said goodbye to my long-cherished collection of magazines--it was a little hard at first, but then incredibly freely to carry out armload after armload to the dumpster.  And now I have SO much more space in my bookcases, which means that Neil can no longer say "but we'd need another bookcase" when I'm contemplating purchasing yet another armful of books (sorry, honey!).  I love the energy and excitement I always feel at this time of year (having my treadmill fixed probably contributes to that too, it has been COLD outside those last few runs!!). 

We're keeping things low-key here tonight.  We had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful week in Michigan with all my sisters, parents, and grand-parents.  It was the perfect vacation where you're not dreading going home, but you're not ready to leave three days before you actually go--we were sad to leave, but we were also excited to get back to our own beds (sorry, Isaac, but it is SO nice not sharing a room with you anymore!!).  So while we contemplated throwing a New Year's Eve party with friends, we ultimately decided to just cosy up with our own little family.  We're making some of everyone's favorites:  cocktail shrimp (which the girls adore beyond all reason), Neil's favorite "heaven in a bowl" salad, a few baguettes, olives and gherkins, frogs' eye salad, and some "sparkly drink" so we have an excuse to get out the punch bowl.  And some brownies.  :-)  I'm looking forward to an evening of board games and cuddling with the kiddos by the fire. 

Happy New Year, dear readers!  I hope it's everything you've wished for. 

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Kritta22 said...

That is the cutest little dragon I've seen!

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