Thursday, December 09, 2010

let's just skip to the good bits, shall we?

Dear family,

Let's just pretend it's Christmas already.  Nobody needs to take finals.  Or grade finals.  No more school.  No packing to fly home, no cleaning the house for Christmas parties.  We'll pretend that the neighbor treats are baked, the presents are wrapped, the caroling is done, and it's just fun time.

Sound good?

P.S. Nobody can get sick this Christmas.  It's a law. 

(Anticipation is all well and good, but today I am feeling ready to get going on the good stuff.  I want to see my kids running around existing on nothing but clementines, my sisters wandering around in their fleece pajama pants, rows and rows of sheepskin slippers all over the living room, and dripping boots lined up near the back door.  Christmas!  Come now!!) 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post! Hope your holiday is just as you described it!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you! Love Aunt Pam & Uncle Kevin

Meghan said...

Pretending was fun for a minute--now back to reality!

Elise said...

haha, you define it so well :) counting down the days ( roommates have made fun of all the different lists i have made in ways to count it down)

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