Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I was seriously miserable all day about my broken treadmill.  Amidst everything else that was going wrong, that was the one that really haunted me.  Neil spent a couple hours working on it last night, and declared it officially broken.  We called the manufacturer and ordered a new part to the tune of $150 or so.  "Merry Christmas," Neil said to me.  I heaved another huge sigh. 

I woke up at 1 AM with one thought in my mind: 

The treadmill has a three-year warranty on parts.

So I checked my email this morning.  Sure enough, the treadmill delivery had been delayed by two weeks when we bought it three years ago.  I had a lengthy (email) paper trail from Customer Service where I was sayinig things like, "I'm going out of town!   Where is my treadmill?!" that ultimately resulted in an email on their end saying, "We apologize--your treadmill will be delivered on 12/17/07."

So I called the manufacturer again.  They said, yes, you do have a three-year-warranty, but we need some kind of actual documentation of the date you received the treadmill in order to honor the warranty.

Which I had. 

And we're set.  Part is on its way, with three days left until the warranty expires.  It's funny how these things work out, isn't it? 

PS:  we bought our treadmill here.  I have loved, loved, loved it.  If you're in the market.  :-)  We have run literally thousands of miles on it, and it has been phenomenal--it is my favorite of any treadmill I've run on, including the fancy ones at the gym.   (Plus that three-year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the motor is pretty awesome.)  And they have great customer service. 


Mary Beth said...

Wow. Great reminder of how things we think are awful challenges actually turn out to be blessings in disguise. I'm so glad your warranty held out and your part is coming!

Katrina said...

that is awesome (about the warranty)!

aLi said...

Hooray! Sorry I laughed so hard at your expense yesterday. I think I wasn't laughing about the treadmill. :\ It was just pure bad luck there for you guys. The frozen doors and pizza dinner is what made me laugh.
I am really glad you have a warranty!
(I think I will leave you alone for a while, sorry if I hurt your feelings!!!)

Rachael said...

No worries, Ali...that's exactly why I wrote that post. :-)

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