Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eighteen months

My baby is eighteen months old.  (And so busy that out of the dozen pictures I took, this was the only m
More than anything, Isaac LOVES to dance (in this picture he is just about the change the recorded pre-set on the piano to his favorite dancing song.  Lots of percussion). He is a fantastic jumper--we've noticed that while he isn't as quick with verbal acquisition as the girls were, he is way ahead in physical skills.  (And mechanical ingenuity--he has figured out how to open and maneuver just about anything in our house.  Which is cute sometimes, and scary sometimes when he opens up the dishwasher, drags out a box of detergent, and coolly proceeds to fill the soap dispenser and start the dishwasher.) 

Isaac is super into snuggling, not sharing his adult's lap, scooting cars around the house and making "voooom" noises, going for rides in the laundry basket (thanks to the girls).  He loves to give and receive kisses, is OBSESSED with dogs and ducks to the point where he makes frantic animal noises whenever he sees either one, and refers to everything other than Mama, Dada, and Choo-Choo as "dauk."  Which means dog/duck/unknown object, as far as we can tell.

He went to nursery for the first time last week (they let him go a week early, yay!!) and was happy as a little clam.  And this is the first child I can say this about--he really, really, really loves going to bed.  If we say, "Time for night-night, Isaac!" he will grab his blankie, giraffe, and fox and run for his room, where he will giggle the entire way and stand bouncing up and down by his crib until someone puts him in (unfortunately he is also equally vocal about wanting to leave his crib when he's done napping).  I can say unequivocally he is the easiest baby we've had yet.  (Please let baby number four be the same way!)

We love Isaac SO much--as Juliet says, " we love him one hundred."  He is the snuggliest chuggliest little boy ever.  He makes me want to have half a dozen more little chubby-cheeked boys just like him (they will all be this darling forever, right?)

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Mary Beth said...

Happy 18 months, Isaakins! I miss snuggling you...

Also, I've got to say, I am secretly thrilled he loves the fox. Over Christmas Abigail made every effort to give it to him at every time--I think she felt partially responsible for it, since I'd secretly told her all the presents I'd bought for everyone several days before Christmas. Finally she brought it to me, put it sadly in my lap, and told me, "I don't think this is going to be his new lovie." Glad to hear he likes it after all!

And I sent Abigail a note a few days ago in return for the lovely little note she wrote me. Let me know when it gets there!

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