Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wishing for skiing

I must admit, this summer Neil and I were seriously contemplating flying out to Utah for a week of skiing. The baby changed that plan (we couldn't really justify putting off our family for the trip, and the last time I skied while pregnant I got altitude-sick), but today the girls were asking me when we were going to go skiing, and so we looked up some Youtube videos--and this one honestly made me feel a hollow pit in my stomach that I was NOT on the mountain. (Solitude happens to be my favorite resort.)

I am not the best skier ever, but Neil is nothing short of amazing. Like really, truly, outstandingly phenomenal. But what is even more phenomenal is that he very patiently taught me to ski a few years after we were married--one winter we were ski bus chaperones, and he spent the whole season teaching me to fall and get back up. It is a testament to how wonderful his teaching is that I skied Honeycomb Canyon (a double-black diamond run) on our fourth day. (But I did cry most of the way down--I was totally terrified. He stayed right with me and was encouraging and patient the whole way. The next season I was doing black diamonds with much more confidence, even though I am nowhere near the skier he is. He searched for months and bought me some fantastic parabolic skis, which helped a lot!)

Skiing is my absolute favorite thing to do with Neil. Running is sort of in the same league, but skiing is just pure joy. I can't even describe the perfection of a day spent on the slopes with my sweetheart. It is the neatest thing I have ever done--there is something about sitting on that chairlift, grinning at each other, and then skiing off and onto the snow, swooshing through the trees...aaah, I have to stop now before the longing gets worse!!


Jolena said...

My husband wants to teach me how to snowboard and I'm hoping it will turn out this well. :) We keep pushing it back because we can't afford it, but one of these years we will definitely learn and hopefully it will become a fantastic family tradition.

Dani said...

Amen! Justin and I fell in love snowboarding every week for an entire winter (and most of spring). I miss it!

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