Tuesday, May 03, 2011

5-minute bathroom redo

 This is what our kids' bathroom looked like this morning.  Totally taking a picture on a bad day (like all the diapers hanging up to dry), but it is a room that I have not been in love with.  When we moved in it was AWFUL and I repainted, bought a new towel rack, cabinet, and hung up some art, but that was about it.  I never found a shower curtain that I liked, and the kids were all using mismatched towels (I love their beach towels, but not so much for daily use).

We found ourselves at Target this morning, mostly because I knew I had to replace the shower curtain before we had family in town for the baby--the grommets had ripped out and it was barely hanging on.  I decided as long as I was biting the bullet I might as well start the process of "staging" the bathroom for selling next year, so I added in new towels (blue & brown, which I'm not sure about, so I left the tags on) and a soap dispenser (I brought in the orchid from another room).  I moved the curtain rod up 6 inches as well. (I think I'll need to get a new rug at some point and do a couple of other things--but so much better!)


Crapos said...

I think it looks great! Much nicer than before.

Kristin said...

You inspired me... maybe I'll go pick up some paint and redo our kids/guest bathroom... it's BRIGHT green!

Matthew isn't comin home til' late... there might be a surprise on hand!

Jolena said...

cute! I like the redo. Keep the towels, they look great!

Meghan said...

But I haven't learned all the countries yet!!

necia said...

That is so cute! Now I want to redo my bathrooms.

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