Wednesday, May 25, 2011

graduation, tornado-style

Abigail and her very beloved teacher
 Tornado watches and warnings are, unfortunately, pretty standard in our part of the country.  I grew up in Ohio and remember (not with fondness) tromping down to the basement and sitting in the dark waiting for the radio to tell us it was safe again outside (the worst part was going downstairs for a tornado "drill" at school and seeing the sky scribbled in a weird mix of orange and green.  Drill, my eye).

Today Neil and Juliet left for Abigail's kindergarten "graduation" while I stayed home with the boys, who were both asleep.  Literally two minutes after Neil and Jooj left, the heavens opened and rain started bucketing down.  Neil told me later that he grabbed a towel from the van, wrapped it around Juliet, and dashed inside--they were both soaked to the skin when they got into the school.  They went in for Abigail's graduation just as the tornado sirens went off, so they spent the next hour crammed into the more sheltered areas of the school.  (There are a lot of crazy pictures on the camera from this time, since Neil was using it to distract Juliet (not from the wild storm outside, but from all the boys in the room.  She is really afraid of boys.))

They were finally able to do a very abbreviated version of the graduation--Abigail was especially excited because one child from each class had been asked to do a part in the program, and she was her class's representative.  Everyone was whisked through and then told they needed to go move their cars immediately so the buses could get out, so all of the potlucked post-graduation treats were packed back up and taken home with their donors (um, huge bummer!!  that's always the best part of these things!)  Neil and the girls finally arrived home, soaked and muddy from helping to push cars out of the sodden muck, but safe and sound.  I was so glad to have everyone together again.  I HATE tornado season. 

very wet Neil and Juliet waiting out the storm in the nurse's office--can you see how soaked Joojer is?


Elise said...

has Abigail lost a tooth?

Meghan said...

Glad everyone made it home OK. Congrats to Abigail on her graduation, and I hope you love whatever it is you sent in for treats.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Abagail. You look wonderful.


(And I never thought I would call myself that).

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