Sunday, May 29, 2011

summer kick-off

Friday was Abigail's last day of school, so we decided to celebrate our summer "officially" beginning by crossing off Wolf Park on our summer to-do list.  This is a wolf preserve not too far from our home; every Friday and Saturday they hold a Howl Night where you can go see the wolves, hear them howl, and listen to a lecture about their habits (very interesting--I learned a ton and I don't think the girls listened to a single word).

We were a little late (waiting for some cookies to finish baking) so we walked up right as the wolves were finishing their first--and last--howl, since they never howled again, but when they were supposed to be howling, we had front-row seats to playful wolves snarling and biting each other like crazy.  They seemed so tame and friendly until then, and I suddenly realized THEY WILL EAT MY KIDS given the chance.  It was pretty cool to watch, and probably the only thing the kids really paid attention to, but the wolves' latent ferocity (despite being "tame") was underscored by the way the wolves kept pacing back and forth in front of the only children in the audience (ours and some friends who met up with us there) and the lecturer commented on how the wolves were very interested in the children in a distinctly non-friendly way.  Every time Luke made a noise all the wolves pricked up their ears and turned towards him.


The alpha male of the pack is named Wolfgang (I know, right?) and he was extremely interested in Isaac.  This is pretty much what this wolf did for half the time we were there.   Mmm, Isaac. 

(Remember when I said I cut his hair?  I'm still getting used to it--he looks so big to me now.)

We had a really fun time, despite my being quite stressed over the way the children for some strange reason did not want to sit still on the bleachers for an hour listening to facts about wolves, but instead wanted to jump up and down, making satisfyingly loud noises, and dropping gravel through the cracks (we did not set a good example for the much more obedient children of our friends).  We also saw the foxes and bison at the preserve, and I really enjoyed the chance to just talk with other adults while the kids ran laps around the butterfly garden.  Fun night!


Meghan said...

Feeling ready to take on wolves when I see them eying Isaac and Juliet.
And he looks so sad in the last picture. As if he's thinking "Where's my hair?"

Jen said...

That reminds me of the hyenas at the wildlife place we went to last fall. They had no interest whatsoever in David and I, but followed all the little children back and forth along the fence. The kids all thought it was cool (one boy told his dad, "they're playing tag with me!") but it was a little unnerving to watch.

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