Monday, June 27, 2011

Abigail's FHE lesson

We had a really fun Family Home Evening lesson tonight.  Abigail taught it about Lehi's dream.  I helped her plan it last night, and as soon as Juliet had taken her last bite of dinner, Abigail was racing around ready to go with FHE (I think it's the fastest that Abigail has ever eaten quinoa chili, which is saying something because she hates kidney beans). 

We had set up an "iron rod" made of yarn, tied from the door across the foyer and living room to the fireplace.  A huge sheet of gauzy fabric was hanging from the light fixture in the foyer to represent the mists of darkness, and Neil was waiting in the kitchen window to represent people in the great and spacious building.

Abigail read aloud from Nephi 8 and Jules and Isaac followed her instructions (they got all tangled up in the "mists of darkness," which was cute. 

We had some distress when Neil was "in the attitude of mocking" our little iron rod-holders.  He took out a couple of dollar bills and offered the kids money if they would leave the iron rod and come into the kitchen--Juliet took the bait and went running towards the cash, and Abigail was like, "JULES!  YOU LEFT THE IRON ROD!  YOU CAN'T HAVE THE TREATS!" and then Juliet burst into tears and had to be guided back.  

But finally we all made it to the Tree of Life, represented by our fake ficus with cookies tied to it.  Then while the kiddos ate their cookies we talked about the symbolism of the iron rod as the word of God guiding us towards the love of God, as represented by the fruit of the tree of life.  It was a fun lesson, and Abigail had a great time teaching us all! (I also realized that I need to make our regular FHE lessons more like this one, because I am excellent at creating not-so-interesting lessons.)

Speaking of Juliet, she acquired the best shiner yet in our family a few days ago (she fell down on the patio and ripped up her face).  This is a picture on the first day; it's since gone really dark and generally sort of scary-looking.  Everyone who's seen her does a double take.  Sweet little face on one side, rough and tumble scrapper on the other. 

And here are my two darling boys.  Isaac has become very protective of Luke in terms of ensuring that Luke ALWAYS has his blanket (apparently Isaac figures Luke must love it as much as Isaac loves his own blanket).  We're still working on the always-being-soft thing, but it's fun to watch Isaac become more gentle towards and interested in Luke. 


Mary Beth said...

What a great lesson! It sounds both fun and spiritually educational--and I think that picture of Neil in the attitude of mocking may be my favorite yet. I burst out laughing at poor Juliet's temptation. Hope her face heals soon!

Isaac as Protective Big Brother makes my heart hurt in all the best ways.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Abigail we think that she did a great lesson. And thanks for posting the picture of Juliet. I had actually worried that it was worse.

Love you,

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