Wednesday, June 22, 2011

bullet list

I feel like I have so many disparate blog posts running around in my head, but I don't actually have time to upload all the pictures and whatnot, so...whatever.  Here is a five-minute post of what I'm thinking about right now.
  • Last week I picked lettuce leaves from my garden that were as big as my face.  We've had tons of rain (flooding our lawn completely and all the kids ran out and got soaked) and it's been good for the longevity of the lettuce.  Hurray!
  • I'm trying to break Isaac of his pacifier.  And I need to break Luke of only wanting to sleep in my arms at night (he'll sleep in his swing for one nap during the day, but that's it).  Please, baby, sleep in your own bed!  And take a pacifier while you're at it.  
  • I've taken the kids to the library every week for the last three or four weeks.  I love the library.  The kids are moderately contained, I can feed Luke while we read some new books, and we go home with new books to keep everyone further occupied (although today I had to carry out boneless Isaac who didn't want to leave; that was awesome).
  • Last night I went to the grocery store with just Julesie.  I really enjoy running errands with just one kid--we always have a good time.  We splurged a little and bought a fruit that we could not identify just to try it (yellow and prickly-skinned), brown eggs because I always think they are so beautiful (I need to find someone around here who's selling free-range eggs; anybody know of a good source?), masses of grapes, and some flowers.  I really love flowers and I can't wait until my gladiolus start blooming!
  • Speaking of eggs, I love poached eggs.  My mom loaned me her special little poaching pan, which is great because I'm not very good at poaching them neatly without it, and Isaac and I are kind of addicted to poached eggs on toast.
  • Yesterday I worked out my training schedule for the next 13 weeks (prepping for a 10K).  I want to build up my weekly mileage and get faster, and I am so excited to have something new to work towards!  I also need to get some new shoes, since I've put 600 miles on these babies, but today I broke the 9-minute-per-mile barrier (still doing my standard 4 miles) and I was so excited!!
  • And now I have to go because the girls are bickering and I need a shower post-run.  The end. 

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Shayla said...

I think Sonia Hasek and family still sell fresh eggs. Good luck tonight with Luke sleeping without you and Isaac sleeping without a pacifier!

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