Wednesday, June 08, 2011

logic puzzles

When I was in elementary and middle school, I went out with a handful of other kids for enrichment classes once a week.  We did all the usual stuff like build toothpick bridges (although there were some pretty cool things like studying architecture and taking a trip to Fallingwater, and presenting our energy-saving projects at the National Energy Education Day--we spent way too much time picking up sticky aluminum cans for recycling), but mostly what I remember is that we did about a billion logic puzzles.  It seems like we were ALWAYS doing logic puzzles and braintwisters, everything from "Sam the truck driver drives from New York to California but never enters the men's restroom:  explain" (Sam is short for Samantha) and those ones where you have the X's and O's grid (anybody remember what those are called?) that you would use for something like Snape's potions obstacle-protecting-the-Sorcerer's-Stone in the first Harry Potter book.

Anyway, today I was thinking how much naptime resembles a logic puzzle that I cannot figure out.  Case in point:

Abigail will stay in her room to read books if supervised OR if Rachael is running, and Juliet will stay in the library looking at books if supervised OR if Rachael is running, and Isaac will nap in his room unsupervised as long as Abigail and Juliet are quiet.  Luke will only nap if Rachael is running on the treadmill (he seems to find the noise soothing) OR if he is held in Rachael's arms while lying down on her bed, but Rachael cannot run on the treadmill because it is broken, and if she lies down to hold Luke so he will sleep, Abigail and Juliet get up to all sorts of hijinks and wake Isaac up, OR one of them will interrupt the other's quiet time and the interrupted child will run into Rachael's room, banging the doors and waking up Luke.  And Juliet will only nap on days dictated by the stars but will be cranky all the other days.  Also, Rachael needs a nap because she is not sleeping at night, has Isaac's cold, and is slowly losing her mind as evidenced by the lack of any ability to communicate in complete sentences. 

If you come up with a viable solution, I will bake you a pie.  If you can solve my other problem ("if one child begins to scream, two more will begin screaming because they apparently feel injured by the attention given to First Screaming Child; likelihood of screaming commencement is 100% at crucial meal-prep times; screaming volume increases in proportion to the number of can-be-burnt components in the meal"), make that two pies. 

(Also, if you can make me stop trying to analyze all of this and figure out how I can Solve This Problem and just accept the crazy that is my life right now, that's worth a pie.)

And now I have to end this post because Isaac just brought me the lid of the kitchen trash can.  Figures. 


Ruth said...

Fix the treadmill!

Mary Beth said...

We did those kinds of logic puzzles on the LSAT, too. I had TAG flashbacks the whole time, but ended up mostly guessing. It's a good thing I aced the reading comprehension bit, because my logic scores were not so hot.

If getting the treadmill fixed is not a currently viable solution, what about napping with Luke on the living room couch while Juliet is in the library and Abigail in her room? Or does that much proximity mean no one will get any rest?

Love you. Hope you get some sleep soon. ♥

Ruth said...

How come I never got invited to the gifted and talented stuff?

Mary Beth said...

Ruth, TAG started in 5th grade, so you were homeschooling then, weren't you?

Rachael said...

We're working on the treadmill fix--ordering a replacement part was $350.00 plus shipping, so Neil has been trying to figure out how to do it ourselves.

MB--great idea. I'll try that tomorrow.

Jolena said...

Do you have access to a swing? Spencer still sleeps most of his naps in his because he sleeps better there than any flat surface during the day.

Meghan said...

Use Neti pot to get rid of cold.
Run in place.
Can I have two different pies, or do they have to be the same?

Rachael said...

Jolena--we do have a swing. Which ran out of batteries yesterday, so today and last night were super rocky--Neil got batteries this afternoon and is currently converting the swing to run off the house's power grid rather than easily exhausted batteries.

Mom (although that comment sounded more like Dad)--come visit and I will bake you all the pies you can eat. Although Mary Beth gets to pick some flavors. :-)

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