Monday, July 18, 2011

more birthday

Proof that we actually did celebrate Isaac's birthday this year (sort of.  Do blueberry muffins count?  I used oil instead of applesauce so they felt decadent).  Actually, my friend Melanie made these really adorable little cupcakes for our playgroup, since all the little boys have birthdays right in a row.  I was really grateful that she was so on top of things, since I am still sort of floundering with Luke and all (although she's 37 weeks pregnant, so I don't have much of an excuse!) Anyway, we had a blissful morning outside with all the kids running around and having the time of their lives while I got to sit on a blanket under a tree and chat with my friends.  I love playgroup day!  I started it thinking that Isaac needed some time to play with boys his age, but whom am I's for me.  :-)

So while I was checking out Amazon's offerings before Isaac's birthday, I came across this really cool magnetic gear toy thingie.  You can move all the gears around, and then it's battery-powered so they turn and interlock with each other.  Awesome, right?  Except one of them makes this clicking noise, and Isaac insists on having it on ALL THE TIME.  I was telling Neil the other night how Isaac literally will come running across the house and turn it back on if I've turned it off, and he was like, uh-huh, and then later that night he said, "Honey!  You were right!  The noise was driving me crazy, so I turned it off, and Isaac came out of nowhere shrieking for it to go back on!"

So.  Great gift for Isaac, but the clicking gear may mysteriously disappear if its appeal doesn't wear off soon.


Meghan said...

That looks like the perfect birthday dinner to me. All his favorites--and muffins with oil really are cake. Glad you have a great playgroup; I need to organize one for me when Rosalind leaves this Fall.

Chad said...

Isaac doesn't look very happy to have a muffin for a birthday cake. :)

Melanie said...

Muffins are a great birthday treat- Adam's only request was for blueberries- I just did the cupcakes to assuage my guilt for not having a party!

And I must say, if you're floundering with Luke, you're covering it up fantastically! I am always impressed with your ability to get out and about!

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