Saturday, July 02, 2011

summer garden

I've been really pleased with my little garden this year--I doubt it will be its most productive year ever, but considering that it's been sadly neglected in favor of Luke, it's doing quite well!

This has undoubtedly been our best year for lettuce.  I've been keeping a 2-gallon bag in the 'fridge full of washed lettuce; it supplied multiple salads for our 20 visitors a few weeks ago without batting the proverbial eye.  It's just finally starting to bolt; I'm hoping I can get one or two more out, but I don't think our lettuce has ever lasted to July before!  The box here has been growing its lettuces faithfully, but the volunteer lettuces that sprung up all over the garden have been supplying us with the majority of the lettuce.  Think GIANT heads, with individual leaves about ten inches in diameter.  Seriously, it's been awesome!

The tomato plants are showing signs of blight (we've had an extremely wet spring) but I'm hoping that I can combat that with spraying (someone recommended a Melaleuca product, so I'm trying that this year, since the commercial stuff didn't do anything last year) and pruning.  The beans, however, are making my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.  Go beans!!  Produce like crazy!!!

My only regret with the raspberry bush is that we didn't plant an entire forest of them.  They're just starting to come on, and tasty.

And the peppers--somehow this year we are growing the biggest peppers we've ever grown.  I picked the first peppers and eggplant today.  Pizza tonight!!!


Meghan said...

Wow! Those are all seriously beautiful vegetables and raspberries. I am heading out to check our raspberry bushes right now.
I used lettuce and kale from our deck garden tonight. We're going to have a ton of zucchini soon, and the peppers are almost big enough to harvest. We even have little tomatoes set, to David's delight.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Juliet you have holding those abnormally large peppers. Your garden looks great. Our zucchini have put on a log of leaves and stems and are just now getting ready to flood the world.

We love you.


Emily Juliet Ainian said...

Cute!! Look at Juliet's painted nails! Miss your girls and you :)

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