Monday, August 22, 2011

catching up

You guys, I am so behind on blogging it is not even funny.  I have taken hundreds of pictures and I am too tired/busy to format, save, and upload them, and who wants to read a blog without pictures?  Good thing I'm so behind that I have pictures like the above that I haven't posted yet (from when my mom and my sisters Elise and Mary Beth visited a couple of weeks ago.  The girls spent probably two hours playing with Elise's hair and I thought this particular style looked like those centauresses (is that a word? lady centaurs?) from the original Fantasia.  (I had SO much fun with them while they were here and I was so sad to see them go, especially since both my parents and all four of my sisters are hanging out RIGHT NOW in Provo without me.  Woe is me, woe, woe, woe is me).

Anyway, lots of things have happened lately, which I have photographed, but my camera now refuses to turn on, pictures.

  • Abigail started first grade last week--she's gone all day!  It's so long! But she is loving it and thriving.  I think she really enjoys the adventure of taking her lunch every day (although it is a little stressful for me; I even started another blog so I can just record what she takes every day--no, Mom, before you ask, I haven't finished the book on overcoming OCD, or as you put it, "the family disease").  Her teacher seems awesome and another little boy from church is in her class and rides her bus, so I think that has helped the transition.  She starts ballet & jazz lessons in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping she loves them.   The Harry Potter obsession is still going strong--although I did take the books away so she could return to Real Life and get used to the fact that There Are Other Books In This World--but today we built a blanket fort so that Harry (Jules), Ron (Isaac), and Hermione (Abigail) could go camping in the Forbidden Forest and look for werewolves (!!!) and we spent dinner discussing the dream about Harry Potter she had last night.  She keeps trying to weasel clues out of me about the remaining four books (she is so her mother's daughter).
  • Juliet is going to preschool in a couple of weeks.  I had really wanted to do a Joy School for her this year, but I couldn't find enough people to do it with, so we signed her up at the last minute last week (fortunately we were able to get into my top choice because another applicant had moved like the day before or something like that).  We went to visit the school and Juliet was almost out of her mind with joy at the fact that their theme this year is monkeys.  Monkeys!  Monkeys!  Juliet was in heaven.  My main concern was having her gone 3 mornings a week, but after I finalized our fall schedule I realized that all 3 mornings were filled with things that she would not like doing, so now I don't feel so bad about it anymore. 
  • Isaac is talking more and more these days--his pronunciation improves daily (he no longer says "Otay" and "Ready Shet Go," but the big-boy versions thereof).  He does all kinds of exciting things like building himself chair-ladders so he can eat an entire box of prunes at one go, or gain access to the knife block and start slicing tomatoes.  (In other words, I cannot leave him alone for one single second.) He is starting to recognize and play with his little friends and I think he's really going to enjoy his playgroup this fall.  
  • Luke is my sweet darling who spends so much time in his bouncy seat that his head is flattened.  (I feel really horribly guilty about this, actually.)  He is a doll and the three older kids are so sweet with him--even Isaac has gotten much gentler.  All three of them are great at dangling toys in front of him or giving him his pacifier and bouncing him in his seat while I am frantically trying to do something else (it seems like my hands are always sticky these days, I don't know what it is...).  He is sleeping so much better these days and is only waking up to nurse once (occasionally twice) in a 10-hour stretch.  AWESOME.
  • I'm teaching this fall and training for a 10-K right now, because I don't have enough to do around here (hah. hah. hah.  actually today Neil came home 2 hours later than usual and I was secretly relieved because it took me that long to finish everything I needed to do before he got home.)  I honestly do not know how women with more than four children do it gracefully--I feel like I am bouncing from crisis to crisis.  But at the same time, it's awesome, and I am having so much fun with my little people and my charming husband.  (And I think things will settle down now that I finally have all the scheduling ironed out--and I bought myself a huge new whiteboard that covers the freezer door.)  I can't believe I considered running a marathon this fall--last week I ran 22 miles, which isn't even a full marathon, and it was SO hard to wedge the miles in with everything else that's going on (oh, did I mention my garden?!)  I also got another calling a month or so ago working with the Laurels (16 to 17-year-old girls in our church) and I am LOVING it.  They are awesome ladies. 
On another note, we went to the temple this weekend for the first time since Luke was born.  It was so nice to be back there--I was able to do both iniatory and endowment sessions (thank you good baby sleeping!).  We stopped off at Navy Pier and went to the Chicago Children's Museum and had ourselves a lovely time (plus very decadent ice cream on the way home).  It was so fun, and I took about 5 pictures before my camera completely gave up the ghost.  

and now if anybody is still reading...I am done for tonight.  Neil is finally home, the kids are all in bed, the house is clean, the laundry is done, and I'm headed for a really hot bubble bath with a stack of books. 


Mary Beth said...

If it helps, I'm missing a lot of the hanging out too. (Though I did go down for dinner on Sunday, and Mom and Dad and Ruth came up yesterday for lunch, and I'll see them again today... Okay. Point made.) Just about every time we're together, though, someone will pop out with "I wish Rachael was here!" And we watched Ruth's videos of your kids on Sunday night. :)

A little sad that Isaac is no longer doing "Ready Shet Go!" but it's awesome to hear how much he's growing and changing! Hope school continues to go well for Abigail and that you find time to breathe. I guess a bubblebath and a stack of books are a good sign. ;)

Love you!

Meghan said...

We've been saying "Ready, Shet, Go!" all week as we get ready to get in the car and go somewhere. Sigh. At least it will continue on in our memories.
We miss you, but think of all the fun times we have while everyone out here is toiling away! And today Jordan and Ruth and Elise and Mary Beth will be working, so Dad and I will be hanging out together. Hopefully at the temple.
Thanks for the great update! We're excited to see you again soon.

Kritta22 said...

Your sisters hair does look like a few scences from movies like tangled.
How do you work on your little man's speech? We are having issues over here.

Dani said...

I want to see your blog with Abigail's lunches. I'm completely at a loss this year and the school my girls are attending doesn't provide ANY food services, so it all has to come from home.

Thanks for the update. It's always so fun to read about what you guys are up to. Love it!

gr'ma c said...

gee, you people have all the fun and here are two "only" kids just sitting here reading about all the fun all the families have. we welcome christmas when we get all together and we get in on the fun too, especially the food, and the 'ready,shet,goes"...what will it be by then??? grt the juliet gets to go to skul too. kisses to all gr'ma

Amanda said...

I am amazed at all you do! Remember to take time for yourself! :)

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