Tuesday, September 20, 2011

it's that time of year again

Today we have three kids with strep throat, four children with a nasty head cold (plus the strep throat), a 'fridge in Should Have Gone to the Grocery Store Yesterday mode, and a very cranky me (underscore, emphasis, bold that crankiness.  My poor children.  I am doing so much yoga breathing). 

At least we went to the zoo while we waited for our carload of prescriptions to be filled.  I have such a soft spot in my heart for that zoo.  Thank you, zoo, for being small, free, and out in the open air where I'm not worried about passing germs.  Plus we were the only ones there, which is another awesome thing about that zoo.

Anyway, I'm taking a quick break from trying not to claw my eyes out with my fingernails (haha, you think I'm exaggerating!!) to post a few pictures from this past weekend at my parents' house.  On Saturday (while my poor dad spent the whole evening at church meetings) we went with my mom and our kids to one of my very favorite places in my hometown, a beautiful park that has an apple orchard planted near its playground.  I used to go here and study all the time when I was in high school, or run through the woods (Neil and I usually run there when we visit) and it's seriously just beautiful.  And the apples make it even more exciting, especially for the kids.  They ate so many!

After the orchard we walked through the woods for a couple of miles--past the pavement, past the mulched trails through the trees, and over onto the plastic decking that floats on the surface of the bog.  Meaning that the water shoots up through the holes in the decking and totally sprays you all over. It's kind of scary sometimes.  My mom and I were wet up to our knees; Abigail told me she got sprayed in the mouth.  Then we all showered to get rid of the bog nastiness, and went home and ate the most amazing okra (rolled in cornmeal and then lightly fried.  Seriously so good). 

Oh, and just to make sure we did a really awesome job of sharing germs (this was before I knew how sick everyone was), we moved all our beds around and now everyone is sleeping in a new bed!  Isaac isn't quite sure how he feels about his big boy bed yet, but so far (2 nights and 1 nap) it's gone well.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. 

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Ms. Decker said...

i love seeing these pictures! mmm, i want to go to that park with you!

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