Monday, September 12, 2011

Lukester is 4 months old!

 ...although apparently he finds this not at all impressive.  Stoic baby.

So the other day Neil was saying that we really needed to find the camera because Luke is the perfect age for sheepskin pictures.  I spent an hour going through our house looking in every weird place I could think of and finally found the old camera sensibly stashed in the new camera box.  Go figure. 

Here is the thing about Luke--he LOVES to smile, and giggle, and make silly little faces and laugh, until you pull out the camera.  Then he just stares at you.  I did get a little more reaction with the sheepskin, but that was mostly because he was trying to eat it.  His favorite occupation these days is chewing on things.  Preferably his fists, but he will also chew on toys, blankets, and people's shirts (he was snuggling with Neil and I today and just launching these crazy attacks on Neil's shirt--he grabbed it in both fists and would just start growling and biting and banging his head down on Neil until finally Neil said, "Okay, scary carnivorous baby!" and gave him a pacifier.  Funny kid). 

The other exciting thing about Luke these days is that he's learned to roll over.  He rolled over a couple times around 3 weeks, then nothing for a few months, then last week he started rolling over like crazy!  He is all over the place now (which means that I have to move Isaac out of the crib so Luke can sleep in a real bed instead of the bassinet). 

Luke is such a sweet baby--lots of chubby cheeks and squishy legs to kiss.  He's still waking up every couple of hours at night (sometimes to nurse, sometimes just to yell for his pacifier).  Now that we're really into our fall activities & school I'm hoping that I can get him on a really regularized schedule and that will (fingers crossed) help him to sleep longer stretches at night.  But on the other hand, it's kind of fun to cuddle those cheeks at night when everything else is quiet and I can give him my full attention rather than nursing him while simultaneously doing 3 other things (making dinner/reading stories/folding laundry/getting someone a snack...take your pick, I'm developing some mad skills). 


Chad said...

Isn't he supposed to be naked on that sheep skin? It's tradition after all.

Chad said...

Sound like he needs a dog toy. A regular baby chew toy might not do it.

Meghan said...

He has a neck!

Elise said...

you should make a post of all the pictures of your kids on the sheepskins. that would be pretty cool.

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