Wednesday, September 21, 2011

treasure hunt

Yesterday at what my friend Stacie calls "the witching hour" (e.g., the last hour before Daddy comes home) I realized we needed a little spark of something out of the ordinary to get us through.  So I got out some lemon juice, paper, and paintbrushes, and we started painting invisible ink messages to each other.

While the kids were busy with theirs, I drew an extremely artistic/lifelike/amazing treasure map featuring our backyard, as represented by a tree, the swingset, and the corner of the garden with a big X and the words "dig here."  Then I snuck outside and buried some of our emergency fruit snacks (usually only distributed when someone has a really terrible nightmare or is bleeding profusely). 

When we ironed our drawings, something exciting showed up...

...and outside we went....

...and started digging at the locale specified on the map.

The fruit snacks were received with disproportionate glee (that kind of reaction is normally reserved for oh, a pony or a Corvette or something) and the children decided to play outside until dinner.  Yes!!

Best part of the day today:  cuddling with Isaac after everyone had their baths and they were all sweet-smelling and dressed in snuggly jammies.  Neil had gone back to work, Luke was tucked away and snoozing happily in his crib, and the girls were sort of bouncing around on my bed, but Isaac was just lying on my chest with his little fists propping up his chin, smiling into my face and saying, "Old Madonell, Mama, hah a fahm, sheep," and then I would sing about Old MacDonald's sheep, and then wait for Isaac to grin delightedly and say, "Now tuhkey, Mama, gobbah gobbah."  So nice snuggling with my sweet boy. 

ps...if you decide to do lemon juice as invisible ink we found that ironing the drawings works way better than a hairdryer or light bulb, which were the commonly recommended methods I found with a quick Google search.  And I probably should have made my map more complicated because it was way too simplistic for the kids--next time I would do it in advance and spend more than 10 seconds on it, if I was being a real over-achiever. Maybe for a birthday party or something like that. 


Anonymous said...

SWEET! Love, Aunt Pam

Ruth said...

Do you remember what Dwight uses as invisible ink??

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