Friday, October 07, 2011

the last week in pictures

So many things to blog about, so little time.  We've had a lovely week.  Here are lots of pictures and a few words (because it is almost 10 pm on Friday night, and my husband is waiting patiently for me to finish up!)

Above:  tonight we were hoping to go camping, depending on the weather.  We dithered and fretted about whether Luke would wake up 20-25 times during the night (like he did Wednesday) or six times (like he did Thursday).  When we finally decided to take the plunge, there were no desirable sites to be had in the state, so we lit a fire in the backyard, had a cookout, a rousing game of family soccer, a marshmallow roast, and watched the stars come out and pointed out the constellations (and Isaac called the stars "sky sparks," which I think is the most adorable thing ever).  We have big plans tomorrow to have a "camping breakfast" and then go for a hike.

Below:  the kids have always loved playing in the laundry baskets, but it's even better when Daddy is around to give them rides to bed.  And as you'll see in the next photo, the best part is the actual putting-to-bed.

Luke is my darling cute baby.  Good thing because he is CRAZY at night.  He is crying as I type this--Neil is giving him his paci for the third time in fifteen minutes.  I promise you that we do (sort of) know what we're doing with babies...

Two shots of Neil and Luke--above during Conference on Sunday, below during our firepit festivities tonight.

More photos of the kids tonight--Abigail and Juliet were burying a treasure in the garden (an almond can full of cherry tomatoes) and I was lying under the swingset tickling Isaac's tummy every time he soared over me.  While I was on the grass under the swingset, I noticed the following around Isaac's swing:  one banana peel, part of a pumpkin muffin, a cherry tomato, and four almonds.  None of which I remember giving him, and I just mowed the lawn a couple of days ago.  The kid is a crazy forager--he hardly ever asks for food but we always come into the kitchen to find him munching on something (we finally moved all the fruit to the top of the 'fridge but I don't think it will be long before he's up there too).

Yesterday Neil had to work late again, so Abigail helped me to pack up a picnic dinner and we went to the park.  We have a little star chart for Abigail's school days--she had a really hard time adjusting at first to the longer day--and she'd picked a picnic at the playground as one of her doing-her-best rewards, and so she was delighted to cash it in.  Fun little kid--she's really doing so much better.  I was really stressed the first month or so about how everything was going and wondering if I should pull her out, etc., etc., but today she came home and we spent an hour quizzing each other on math problems, and she was asking me to write her pages and pages of math problems.  It's great to see her taking off with math this year like she did with reading last year--her little mind is just exploding with knowledge and it is so fun just to talk with her these days!!

And some more Luke shots...

So...this is the first time Isaac has ever willingly worn a costume.  Ever.  I was so excited!!!  He actually put it on by himself and then asked for my help to snap it up.  Hurray!! Just in time for Halloween.  

And last but not least, Luke started solids this week.  I've noticed that he is sleeping better already.  Keeping my fingers crossed that this keeps up!! Something else about Luke (which probably prevents him from sleeping well):  he is by far, far, far my most active baby.  If you lay him down he immediately rolls over, and then over again, or he'll just start wiggling his arms and legs like CRAZY (Isaac always says, "Lukey marching!") and it's like this little jitterbug that can't stay still.  My own personal perpetual motion machine--he even managed to roll over in the bouncy seat the other day while I was transferring the flour from the grain mill to my flour bins.  So no more bouncy seat, which is going to be super fun because he HATES being on the floor without someone playing with him--probably because he just rolls and rolls until he starts whacking his head on something.  Crazy Luke!  Crazy crazy crazy Luke!  CRAZY LUKE!!!!  (this is the accumulated effects of too many nights on too little sleep talking here.)

A couple of funnies I jotted down--Abigail was reading my blog one day (which she LOVES to do) and found a post titled "A letter to you-know-who" (to Neil) and was like, "MOM!  Did you write a letter!!"

And we were playing pioneers one day, and I sent Juliet out to get some buffalo chips for our pretend fire, and she came back with a huge stuffed elephant and said, "Mommy, I found a still-alive buffalo, and I will tie a bucket to his backside so I don't have to keep collecting buffalo chips--he will just put them in the bucket and then when he is done I will cut him up and eat him."


Kayli said...

I told Jethro the story about Voldemort and he laughed and said it was awesome. :)

Meghan said...

What a great post! Thank you for taking the time to do this so we can be part of your lives and hear your kids' great observations on life, the stars and your blog. We don't feel nearly so far away when we can read this and see the pictures (though Dad was looking ahead through weekends and try to figure out when we can come see you!)

Elise said...

awesome post! also, i love the quotes at the bottom--so funny! i can't wait to see you guys!

Jen said...

Love Juliet's pragmatism. Funny kid.

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