Monday, October 03, 2011

looking backward

So I just ran a 6:59 mile!!   This was one of my goals last September but then I put that on hold for Luke's sake.  :-)  I ran another 3 miles at 7:30 pace afterwards and I just had so much happy adrenaline (if only I could do this for another 22.2 miles, right?!)

It's interesting to see how much more I have learned to push myself in the last decade--not just physically, although this is the most obvious manifestation, but the things that would totally have flattened me ten--or even five--or two--years ago aren't much easier now, but I can take them in stride.  I can do hard things. 


Ms. Decker said...

woohoo! yes you can! :)

Jolena said...

Congratulations! That is a fantastic milestone and one you beat me to. :) Here's to pushing for hard things. I think I'm going to go running tomorrow. :)

aLi said...

You have been my inspiration as I've been working up with my running. You started running just 2 years ago!!! My goal right now is to run 3 miles at 10 minute mile pace. I have done it twice in the last month, but had some obstacles thrown at me since (knee issues). You continue to motivate me!

Rachael said...

Thanks, ladies! :-)

@Ali--I actually started running 4 years ago so give yourself double the time. :-)

Kristyn said...

Rachael, that's awesome! When I was training for my race, that fastes mile repeat I did during a workout was 7:03. This totally is bringing out a competitive side of me that makes me want to beat that time now. :) Your time is truly awesome!

And I've been meaning to come over and tell you that your 10K pace that you were commenting on my blog about was still great, despite what you may think. I was clocking, as late as the beginning of this year, mid 9 minute miles. I was going to try to make you feel good, but now I guess you don't need my encouragement. :) Way to go!

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