Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nauvoo & friends

Even though I am his mother, I feel confident in saying that this is one of the most adorable little man-baby photos ever.  You agree? Yes?  Good.

This weekend both of the girls had fall break, so Neil worked like crazy for a few weeks and then we all took off very early on Saturday morning and drove to Nauvoo.  We hadn't been there since Isaac was a baby so it was fun to go back with everyone a couple of years older. 

Neil and I were both able to do an endowment session in the temple while we were there.  When my mother-in-law visited us just after Luke was born, I asked her if she had any family temple work that I could do.  She gave me several names and it has been really interesting to see how my temple experience has changed in doing family file names, even though I am "just" related to these people by marriage rather than as a direct blood relative.  At the very end of the session on Friday, I was one of the last people left in the ordinance rooms and I just closed my eyes and sat there and listened, and I felt tears welling up in my eyes while I thought about all the people who were having their temple work done that day.  Afterwards I sat in the celestial room for awhile and felt like I had some real answers to prayers and questions that have been troubling me.  I love how peaceful and assured I feel whenever I visit the temple.

We spent the night in Nauvoo (hurray for the Hotel Nauvoo dinner buffet!!  Seriously so good.  I could have eaten so much more deliciousness, but alas, our children were impatient and I knocked my glass into Luke's lap [note:  he is NOT a fan of ice!]) and so we left for our little log cabin, where we proceeded to spend the next three hours getting the children to sleep.  Too exciting and I can't really blame them.  I finally put Isaac in his car seat and we drove down by the Mississippi River and he fell asleep almost instantly while I watched the starlight sparkle over the river.  (Then I lay awake in our cabin that night listening to five other people breathing very loudly very close to me and thought about how grateful I am for our house.)

A few more pictures from the Pioneer Pastimes area at Nauvoo (genius.  Why have we never visited this particular site before?  The kids LOVED it).

I did not master the art of walking on stilts, but I sure had fun!

On our way home, we spent the night at the home of some dear friends who moved away three months ago--they were kind enough to let us descend on them (there are a lot of us now, you know?).  Our children have been talking about this for weeks and it was almost more excitement than they could stand!  We had a lovely time and I hope we can do it again soon.  It was so fun to watch all the kids playing together and to cuddle my sweet Kate during church today (baby Jess is missing from this photo, as he was having a diaper change.  Weren't they brave to host us when that meant 8 kids?!).


Meghan said...

Great pictures and a great post. And I am so glad you love the temple and try to go often. Trips are wonderful, but you're right, the days are usually better than the nights.

Lindsey said...

So fun to get to see you yesterday. I'm glad you guys had such a good trip.

I hear "your friends" were putting quite the Caterpillar-pressure on you this weekend. We too LOVE Caterpillar: a great company that has done well through the downturn. How fun would it be to be in the same ward some day?

Happy decision-making! :-)

Andrea said...

We loved having you here!!! Come and see us anytime...and yes, you could come and join us here, wouldn't that be amazing?!?!

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