Monday, October 24, 2011


Today I have loved this day.  Nothing too special; just grocery shopping and reading stories and folding laundry and the usual.  But today it was just really nice. 

Today I had time to sit at the kitchen table with Abigail after school and chat with her for a good half hour about her day while we ate Honeycrisp apples and baby carrots.  We talked about the way waves tumble and polish pebbles and stones until all the rough edges are worn away.  We talked about the sea creatures described in the Magic Treehouse research guides (warning:  the research guides are kind of addictive.  I am now a repository of random trivia).  We talked about the new girl in her class from Japan and the differences in the alphabets used around the world. 

Today Juliet and I lay on our stomachs looking at a map of the world and talking about scaled distances and map-making and where the elephants lived.  We read about octopi and Wodney Wat and those never-ending Berenstein Bears.  We discussed our favorite composers (today mine was Beethoven and Juliet went for Mozart). 

Today Isaac and I read stories together while he balanced on top of a mountain of pillows.  We played the game he loves where I pretend like I'm so tired that I can't help falling down on top of him and he laughs like crazy.  We ate kettle corn and folded washcloths (Isaac just learned how to do this a few weeks ago and he is SO proud of his new ability.

Today I tickled Luke's toes and he laughed.  I pretended to eat his toes and he laughed.  I kissed his cheeks 1000 times and he laughed.  I made funny faces and he laughed.  I sang him "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story and he laughed and gurgled and warbled along.

Tonight when Abigail came home from ballet we had family home evening about the Good Samaritan in our cozy pumpkin-soup scented house.  Abigail read the verses while Isaac ran around, Juliet acted the part of the man from Jericho, and Neil and I played the parts of the priest, the Levite, the Good Samaritan, and the innkeeper.  After FHE I curled up on the couch with the kids and we read one of my very favorite books from childhood, Sarah Morton's Day

Nothing too exciting or extraordinary, but just a lovely day doing the things we always do.


Meghan said...

These are the times you want to seal in your memory forever. I remember watching you playing and laughing, and thinking "I want to hold on to this moment for all my life." I've gone back to that memory many times. I'm glad you're enjoying the doing and not just the getting there.

Elise said...

this is awesome! i want to be there so badly!

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