Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blissful morning

We had one of those fabulous all-too-rare mornings today (you know, the ones where you have no commitments and everyone is more or less healthy and the house is clean enough that you can ignore it).  We spent most of the morning playing games and reading stories, and then Juliet asked if we could do yoga, and the kids were so cute and darling that I got out the camera. Juliet kept going for almost an hour but Isaac eventually decided that books and games were more interesting... 

She always makes this face in warrior pose and it totally cracks me up.

Luke is suddenly this big boy--he can sit, scoot, and sprouted a tooth sometime in the middle of the night last night (it was actually the first time in four children that I thought, "This is so awful that he must be teething..." and sure enough, there was a little tooth poking out through his poor gums!).

Juliet is so beautiful.  I love her little face and her curls and her beautiful hazel eyes.

And since I may not post again before the day itself, happy Thanksgiving!!


Elise said...

what a cool post! and i do love Juliet's warrior pose face too--so cute!

Meghan said...

Yoga + kids = adorable! Thanks for all the pictures. We can't wait to see you.

Rosalind said...

Love the yoga pictures. Luke is so big!!! Your children are all so beautiful. I miss you so much. :/ Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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