Thursday, November 03, 2011


Abigail has known since oh, July? that she wanted to be Hermione Granger for Halloween.  She talked Juliet into being Harry Potter with her, and she tried to convince me to dress Isaac up as Ron Weasley and Luke as a mandrake ("because he is great at screaming, Mom!").  Isaac, however, wanted to be "die-soar RRARRR!" and Luke just wore his bunting because it's cold out here, yo!

I feel like this wasn't one of my best Halloweens--we were originally planning to do a party and invite friends, but then realized that Abigail had ballet that night until 6:30, we were just getting back from Nauvoo the day before, etc.  And then I ended up being pretty sick that day so I was glad we didn't have a houseful of guests. 

I had good intentions of making costumes this year, but our girls ended up wearing the costumes loaned to me by a kind friend (originally as patterns but then I realized I was not going to scrape together the time to make them myself).

But we still had a good time with our traditional powdered-sugar scones and I remembered to braid Abigail's hair that morning so we could do crazy Hermione bush-hair, so it ended happily.

Even if Isaac did collide with a small tree because he couldn't see...

And she is not the most authentic-looking Harry Potter, but isn't she darling anyway?  She was so in love with this costume (thanks again, Bryn!)


Meghan said...

Whoa, those are some amazing Harry Potter glasses! And it's a good thing Isaac has lots of padding on the front of his head. Abigail looks very Hermione-ish, though it's too bad she couldn't have borrowed my hair for the evening, as it wouldn't even need special treatment.
I've got a book I want to send you. And then we need to talk and talk about meal planning and nutrition.

Elise said...

i absolutely LOVE their costumes!!! soooo adorable.

Elise said...

although doesn't Hermione's beaded bag not come until book 7?

Rachael said...

Elise, that was her trick-or-treating bag. No beads. Just small so it limited the amount of candy inside.

Bryn said...

You are sooooo welcome!! The kids were darling!!

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