Thursday, November 03, 2011

Isaac & his army

This is what is known around our house as "Isaac's Army of Lovies."  He has seven of them--four dollies, and a giraffe, bear, and fox, plus his I pillow and his blue blankie  (the lacing cards were paying a visit today but are not on permanent assignment).  As Isaac told me today, "Seben babies.  Good daddymommy."  The Army of Lovies goes everywhere around the house with Isaac

Isaac also insists on saying a prayer before he goes down for his nap as well as at bedtime...he will only pray with me (not Neil, which causes some stress on occasion).  And you have to remember to prompt him to bless the food, or otherwise he will get out of bed and stand at the door yelling, "NOT SAY BESS DAH FOOD!" and then you have to open the door, go back and prompt him through his prayers again, remembering to bless the nonexistent food, and then he will rearrange his lovies (I pillow under his head exactly centered, "old dolly" at his left shoulder, Bear in his arms, and Fox and Giraffe at his right shoulder, with the other three unnamed dollies at his feet and his blanket firmly gripped in his little teeth (what, you don't bite your blanket when you are sad/sleepy/in pain?)).

I remember reading once that a toddler's love for and dependence on routine is only matched by that of an English butler.  Amen to that (and bess dah food!).

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Elise said...

haha, i always love it when you interpret what they say into writing.

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