Monday, November 14, 2011

Luke is 6 months old

Not the best picture, but it shows him smiling (thanks to Neil distracting him while I sneaked over with the camera) and also shows his skills at scooting backward--if you look closely you'll see that he is high-centered on the papasan base.  He is forever getting himself stuck or stranding himself away from his toys.  Go forward, young man!

Luke reminds me a lot of Juliet in his sleeping habits (which is to say we are still REALLY struggling.  Oh, how we are struggling with sleep.  OH HOW WE ARE STRUGGLING WITH SLEEP).  We actually had 3 good nights in a row where he slept for 6 hours at a stretch, which is his all-time record, but now he's sick again (as am I, which btw is really awful) and things are sadly back to normal.  But I am excited because 6 months old means we are halfway done with nursing!  I know that some women really love nursing but I am not one of them, and it is always a struggle to make it to a year (perhaps my always-sick babies who require pumped milk to be syringed down their throats have something to do with that). 

This is a real downer of a post, isn't it?  But to be frank I'm feeling pretty gray and gloomy today.  I do love my little Luke; at least if he's always sick he's sure cute and fat and chubby, and there are worse things in life than someone who only wants to be cuddled in your arms while he stares up at you with huge unblinking gray-blue eyes.  And he has a beautiful gurgly little laugh, and he loves eating solids (he starts smacking the high-chair tray with both hands in impatience if you're not fast enough with the next bite), and he took three little steps yesterday while Neil was holding his hands.  And he is beautiful and delicious and some day...some day...he will learn to sleep. 


Meghan said...

I was hoping he was forming a habit, with three nights in a row! Hope you feel better soon (I don't have to get on my neti-pot-box, right?). Luke is adorable and we can't wait to see all of you.

Kayli said...

He is soooooooo cute!! Really really really. And I hope you feel better soon.

Jen said...

Boo for no sleeping! Hooray for chubby cheeks!

Elise said...

aw, well he is very very cute! glad he's a cuddler :)

Anonymous said...

Not that it's any of my business, but I think you should be grateful you and baby are even able to breastfeed that long and that you have the supply. My two were both tongue tied and I was never able to make enough for appropriate weight gain. I was a slave to my pump for over 2 months. Formula is nasty, stinky stuff. It could always be worse.

Rachael said...

@Anonymous, you're right. My first baby gained less than a pound from her 4 month to her 6-month checkup, so she went on formula, which is a large part of why I work so hard with the others to actually make it to a year--and it is actual work for me. I won't go into detail, but rest assured, I am not taking it for granted!

Personally, I get frustrated with all the gushing about how awesome and easy breastfeeding is, because it has never been that way for me--it's been incredibly difficult and painful, albeit successful, so that's what I was thinking about when I wrote that post. One of the things I found myself thinking often with my first few babies was that I wished that someone had told me about the difficult aspects of breastfeeding so that I could have been prepared, rather than everyone just brushing it off as, "Oh, it's so easy, don't worry about a thing!" So I figured that all the awfulness I was going through was "normal" and my daughter was the one who ultimately suffered from it.

Thanks for your comment! :-)

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