Friday, December 02, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!

As I was doing all my Christmas planning earlier this year, I thought, "What would I give myself if I could?"  And I knew immediately--time to do some of those things that I always look at and think, "Argh, wish I had time to do that!"

So as my gift to myself this year, I sat down and made a list of things that I have wanted to tackle, but they just haven't been of sufficiently high priority to override something else, but they've been nagging away at me (you know the kind of thing I mean?)  I assigned one to every day for the next three weeks (so I am ending before family not fret, family!  You will not be pressed into servitude).

Today Isaac and I are tackling the pantry.  It has been driving me INSANE since I reorganized it for a photo shoot a couple of months back (turns out I really dislike having all my home-canned foods taking up so much pantry space as opposed to being stored in boxes--they look beautiful but it's not worth it when I am frantically trying to find the cashews or the quinoa that have been hidden behind the jars).

What would you give yourself?


Elise said...

a car. free rent/housing/tuition/groceries/clothes/etc. unlimited time with friends. Jimmertime all year round. a machine that showers, dresses, styles hair, and does makeup in five minutes. those sort of things. maybe another pair of flannel pajamas.

Jen said...

New couches. A good long professional massage. And, like you, some time to get some projects around the house done.

Kudos for working that in for yourself.

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