Monday, December 12, 2011

Seven months

 At seven months, Luke is developing into the cutest little munchkin!  He is mostly sleeping through the night (we still have to get up to give him his pacifier every so often, but it's a vast improvement over where we were a month ago).  And he is firmly on that four-hour schedule, which is blissful for all of us.

 Luke has two little teeth and spends a lot of his time up rocking on his hands and knees.  He is INCREDIBLY fast going backwards but still hasn't figured out how to go forwards (much to Abigail's dismay:  every couple of days she sits down with him and very patiently tries to explain to him how to move forward.  But he can't do it!  She demonstrates over and over and then waits for him to go, dice.  It's pretty funny to watch, actually).

Isaac spends a lot of his time these days with "Yookey."  In the picture above he was upset because Luke kept rolling over and grabbing Isaac's face, so that's why Isaac is holding his arm up.

Most of the time they play pretty well together--Luke is interested in watching Isaac and Isaac wants Luke to be with him--as long as Luke doesn't touch Isaac's toys.  Things should get really interesting here in another month or so...

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Elise said...

awe, little buddies!

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