Monday, December 12, 2011


I love Isaac's grumpy face.  It is so cute.  He was mad about getting out of the bathtub and I left him rolled up in a towel so I could snap a few shots of his funny little grumpy face.

 Speaking of grumpy faces, last week I set my treadmill on fire.  It was pretty scary--I'd run just short of five miles and I smelled this awful burning smell.  And then there was smoke billowing out from under the electronics hood.  And then Neil looked at it when he got home and guess what?  I melted the capacitor.  (it is still not fixed which is why I am grumpy, although it is nice to get my run done early because I have to go running outside before Neil leaves.  The hills around our house are totally killing me after several months of the treadmill...)

 Last week one of my friends set up this candy-cane making thingie--we went to a historic candy store downtown and watched the candy-cane making process and then the kids "hooked" their own.  Super cool stuff. The pictures are pretty awful (my replacement camera is arriving any day now, hurray!) but...oh well.

Here's the huge pile of crazy hot molten candy (above) and the guy incorporating air into the candy (below, to turn it white) by hooking it and pulling it over this wall-mounted hook over and over--basically pulling it like taffy.  He did this SO fast--it was pretty impressive.

One thing that I thought was really neat--they just had this HUGE lump of candy and it's all twisted into the colors and stripes by hand.  The guy doing it was so fast, and it came out perfectly every time!

 Here is Isaac screaming on the floor.  I was carrying both Isaac and Luke for almost the whole time until my arms gave out.  Isaac HATED the candy store.  Worst mom ever!  Forcing my children to make candy canes!  Oh, the sweatshopness of it all!!  He cried almost the entire time we were there.  Fortunately the girls loved it.  Anyway, look at the awesome windows and the beautiful marble-slab tables.  Bad lighting for my weak little camera, but it was beautiful.

 Although Abigail was pretty bored once we'd made her candy cane ("Come on, Mom, stop making me pose and let me eat this thing already...")

 We've been incredibly busy the last couple weeks, which is part of the reason why I've been super lame about blogging (can you tell my general apathy from this post?)

One of the things we did was to go to Abigail's dance thingie...

We've also made a lot of Christmas goodies, driven around looking at a ton of lights, visited the Children's Museum, and had lots and lots of Fireplace Nights.  We instituted this a couple of months ago--every Wednesday night we light a fire and snuggle up and read together.  In the picture above we're reading Christmas books, but usually it's things that the kids wouldn't normally read for years, but we want to make a part of their childhoods--we've been reading a lot of Rudyard Kipling, for instance.  This time together is based on the book Honey for a Child's Heart, which I would highly highly highly recommend.

And now I have to go because Juliet is getting desperate for me to read to her.  The end.


Elise said...

oh my goodness, abigail looks so cute at her dance thingie!

Liebe Libby Lebih said...

Rudyard Kipling, huh? Make sure you have all your children memorize "The White Man's Burden."

I guess I never thought about how candy canes are made. That looks really fun!

Meghan said...

Are we going to the factory? That looks fascinating, and I don't even like candy canes.

Meghan said...

I think it's a pretty good idea to just ignore all of Kipling's poetry. He was definitely a prose man.

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