Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a bunch of pictures of my three youngest

 You would think that I would have more free time to blog--I haven't run in a week (aagh!  Can you believe it?  That's less time than I waited to start running after giving birth!  But the physical therapist I saw today said that I can start again in a day or two) and grading is not too bad right now.  But...no blogging nonetheless.

So here are some pictures of the three youngest--none of Abigail, because the two or three times that I pulled out my camera over the last few weeks were all while she was at school.  I meant to take some snapshots of her tonight, but then I remembered that Neil took my camera to his lab, and he went back to work tonight after dinner, so...no Abigail.  But she is still here and still loved.  :-)

I took this photo of Juliet the morning after she'd spent almost the whole night throwing up every forty-five minutes.  It was a loooong night (and a longer week!) but she was so patient and I thought she still looked beautiful the next morning.

You may have seen my Facebook post about Isaac telling me he needed a porcupine, and then the next day (after I had apparently failed to take steps to provide him with aforesaid porcupine) he took matters into his own hands and applied half a tub of Vaseline to his hair to spike it into points.  After I washed his hair (about five times) we compromised on blow-drying his hair straight up so that he looked like a porcupine.  Cue happiness.

 Luke being cute.  Even if food is falling out of his mouth he's still cute (did I mention that he's cut another 4 teeth?)
 And more Jooj--who totally poses...
 Juliet and I decorated for Valentine's Day last week, after Abigail reminded me repeatedly that it was time to do so.  I don't have many holiday-appropriate decorations, so I ran around my house grabbing red things.  Then I started laughing when I saw this picture, because nothing says Valentine's Day like The Dangerous Book for Boys, The Origin of Species, and The Divine Comedy.  Oh well.

Isaac and Juliet dressed up as (respectively) "Hewwy Podduh" and "Sudren Belle."  Jules and Abigail went to a Fancy Nancy party at the library last Saturday (ooh la la!  It was very posh).

Date night, and our turn to babysit.  Babysitting co-op = best thing ever.  (Twelve kids is surprisingly

I took this photo on Saturday when Isaac came in from playing in the snow.  Doesn't he look like some darling tiny little Alpine guide?

And last but not least, Lukesly, who is joining Isaac in his porcupine-headed ways.  They are such a fun little crew.  Things are good these days.  A lot of the things that have been stressing me to bits over the last couple of weeks have started to clear up and resolve, and life is good.


Elise said...

what a great post!! you guys look like you are having a lot of fun! your kids are getting more beautiful every day and even funnier!

Meghan said...

What Elise said. Very cute kids. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

Love dud.

Elise said...

and lukey looks like a little elf/gnome baby in the last picture--i love it!

Anonymous said...

Love, Aunt Pam

Andrea said...

We're doing the throwing-up thing now. Not fun. Guess I have time to sit on the couch and read blogs. It was fun to see pics of the kids. Luke is so big! Thanks for the comments on my blog and ideas for doing physical therapy. Sounds hard to work that into the schedule, but I may have to try it.

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